GA-9: Zoller Wins ACU -PAC- Endorsement; Collins Gets NRA Nod

In today’s edition of dueling endorsements from Georgia’s 9th district, Martha Zoller is trumpeting a new endorsement from the American Conservative Union PAC (see updated post) while Doug Collins has earned the backing of the National Rifle Association.

I have no idea who is winning this race. What are you hearing/seeing?

Press releases follow:



 (Gainesville, GA) – Conservative firebrand and leading candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, Martha Zoller, won the Fannin County Tea Party Patriots’ Primary Preference Poll this weekend and further solidified her rock-solid conservative credentials by earning the endorsement of the American Conservative Union PAC (ACU-PAC).

“I am honored to have such strong support from the Tea Party Patriots in Fannin County and throughout Georgia’s 9th Congressional District,” said Zoller.  “Since its inception, the Tea Party movement has fought tooth and nail to slash federal spending, reduce the national debt, and reform our broken and burdensome tax code.  I look forward to working with local Tea Party organizations and conservatives throughout north Georgia to stop President Obama’s liberal agenda and put this country back on the path to prosperity.”

Since declaring her candidacy in September, Zoller has won straw polls in Athens-Clarke, South Hall, and Hall Counties.

“For the last thirteen years, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with the American Conservative Union to promote constitutional governance, free markets and capitalism, and personal responsibility,” said Zoller.  “I am thrilled to have their strong support in the final weeks of the campaign and appreciate their efforts to ensure that bold conservatives like myself win on Election Day.”

Founded in 1964, the American Conservative Union is America’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization. The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee, ACU PAC, supports candidates for office who reflect the conservative principles on which ACU was founded.

Martha Zoller is also endorsed by: FreedomWorks, Susan B. Anthony List, Georgia Right to Life, She-PAC, Maggie’s List, Conservative Action Fund, Move America Forward, Docs 4 Patient Care, Herman Cain, and conservative talk show hosts Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

And From Rep. Doug Collins:


National Rifle Association gives Collins A rating, supports his candidacy in GA09

Gainesville, GA — State Representative and Congressional candidate Doug Collins (R-Gainesville) has been endorsed by the largest gun rights advocacy group in the United States, the National Rifle Association (NRA). Collins released the following statement after receiving the endorsement:

 “As a lifelong gun owner and NRA member, protecting our Second Amendment rights has always been important to me. I grew up the son of a Georgia State Patrolman who taught me to respect guns and the rights that were granted to us under the Constitution. I’ve now taught my two boys this same American lesson, and I feel it’s my obligation to ensure they have the opportunity to pass along this important legacy to their children one day.

 “After six years in the Georgia House, I have a record of fighting to expand gun owners’ rights at the state level. I vow to represent the 9th District with the same conservative values beginning in January. I thank the NRA for its support, and I look forward to working alongside this group in Washington.”

 James J. Baker, Director of Federal Affairs for the NRA, noted Collins’ strong pro-gun legislative voting record in his endorsement letter:

 “During your tenure in the Georgia State House, you have been a strong and consistent supporter of the Second Amendment. You voted for House Bill 89, an all around right-to-carry reform bill that expanded right-to-carry for permit holders to public transportation, state parks and restaurants among other places. You also voted for Senate Bill 350 that requires state and local law enforcement agencies to return seized firearms no longer being held for evidentiary purposes to lawful owners within 30 days of final judgment on a case.

 “Again, thank you for your unwavering support of the Second Amendment and we urge our members, gun owners and sportsmen in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District to vote for you in the upcoming July 31st Republican primary.”



  1. seekingtounderstand says:

    Kinda quiet race for such an important position in America. Here is a few insights from the unwashed.
    Both are party canidates with each reflecting the public mood. Teaparty/diversity vs. christan/military/lawyer. Both are proven party canidates with their staff working together for the common good of the republicans. Some staff is really, really close the oppositions staff.
    On the ground both have trouble connecting with the folks as one is more interested in the food table than what you have to say. The other a season politican with an excuse to escape every public meeting within a short time of arrival. Usually its his children activities.
    Hard to find out about spousal ties to government medical contracts and its hard to understand the others voting record and not be concerned.
    Sad to say, its not much of a choice as we know who they will obey once elected.
    Hall County had only 15% of folks voting in the last election and another low turnout is expected.
    The Chamber of Commerce runs the county and gets their members to vote so whoever they support will probably win.

    • bullFrog says:

      Folks can look at the same scene and see a completely different picture.

      “Both are proven party candidates…” Seriously? Zoller has never been a candidate. Collins has never been in a contested election – sad to see that it has happened three straight elections. That’s hardly seasoned.

      Zoller is engaging, and doesn’t run when questioned – she passes out her personal cell phone number. Collins bristles when he is challenged (ref. his answer on one of his votes for more taxes at the recent Hall County forum.)

      I personally think the news media throughout the district are afraid to cover anything in the race. Look at the Gainesville Times, Toccoa Record, Athens Banner-Herald – hard to find a written word on the candidates.

  2. Georgia just seems dead this election season. I think everybody is out of town this summer and not going to pay attention to this Primary. It may get a little more exciting as folks go up on air and the throat slashing mail pieces start hitting in the next week or so, but it just seems like a dull cycle so far.

    • Napoleon says:

      Probably because, with the exception of the exciting PSC races which will have everyone glued to their TVs on election night, there are no statewide races in Georgia. Nothing for everyone to talk about around the state.

    • Calypso says:

      ummm…your 5th sentence…”Both are proven party canidates [sic] with their staff working together for the common good of the republicans.”

  3. tmoore912 says:

    How is Doug Collins “Conservative” when he voted yes for a anti-carry rights amendment that was introduced in a Subcommittee Hearing for SB 308?

    “During the subcommittee hearing, various proposals were attempted as amendments. Some succeeded, and some did not. Here are some of the most notable:

    “Stacy Abrams (D-84, Atlanta) proposed an amendment to make it a criminal offense to carry a firearm at private elementary and secondary schools, undermining the premise of SB 308, that private property owners will be able to make their own decisions about their own property. The Abrams amendment picked up some Republican votes and passed the subcommittee. The Republicans who voted in favor of this particular gun ban were Matt Ramsey (R – 72, Peachtree City), Doug Collins (R-27, Gainesville), and Sharon Cooper (R-41, Marietta). The amendment treats private schools the same as public schools and passed 6 to 4. Yes votes for this amendment included – Cooper (R), Collins (R), Ramsey (R), Benfield (D), Abrams (D), and Thompson (D).”

    Why wouldn’t Collins be for Private Property rights with regards to SB 308? SB 308 was made law in 2010(no thanks to Collins voting yes on hostile amendments to weaken its impact), and was a significant win for Carry Rights in the State of Georgia. It was huge, and got rid of a long standing Jim Crow law…………..the dreaded “Public Gathering Clause”. It seems strange. And now he’s picked up the NRA endorsement. What a joke.

    • bullFrog says:

      The NRA is a single-issue organization. They would support Barney Frank if he was pro-gun, depending on where he holstered it. Just saying’.

  4. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    The NRA failed to mention that Rep. Collins colluded with the Representatives Abrams and Stuckey Benfield to try to kill SB308 and then voted to prohibit background checked firearm licensees from carrying in schools.

    Collins is no friend of gun owners. He’s a closet gun banner.

    For more details from another witness to the events during the hearing see this post:

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