About That ACU Endorsement For Zoller…ACU Versus ACU PAC

A few hours ago, I posted press releases from the two leading candidates in Georgia 9.  The one from Martha Zoller indicated an endorsement from the American Conservative Union.

I’ve just received a phone call and email from folks associated with ACU saying no such endorsement was made, noting that Collins received a 100% rating on their scorecard.  Zoller would not have been ranked on their scorecard as she is not a Georgia legislator. 

UPDATED:  Both local and D.C. representatives of the American Conservative Union deny having issued an endorsement.  The American Conservative Union PAC, which apparently does not coordinate with the ACU field team, has expressly endorsed Zoller and is paying for robocalls on her behalf.  I have been forwarded an email from ACU PAC which expressly uses the word endorsement.

While the body of this morning’s press release from Zoller indicated that the endorsement  was from ACU PAC, the headline omitted the last three letters and said only “American Conservative Union”.  Mrs. Zoller has indicated a correction on that is forthcoming.

I’ll let you folks decide what this means exactly.  ACU has issued a 100% scorecard for Doug Collins.  ACU PAC is doing robo calls on Martha Zoller’s behalf.  …Step 2….Profit?


  1. Howard Roark says:

    Anyone have any guess to what % of homes still have a traditional home phone? Also what % of robocalls actually get listened to?

  2. Matt Stout says:

    Roy Barnes robocall in December resonated enough in the district we are discussing…enough to get Wilkinson elected. You should know that Howard Roark. You were the consultant for Wilkinson. lol … Lmao

    • bowersville says:

      Ah, I see you blame everybody but poor campaign tactics. Roy Barnes didn’t get Wilkinson elected. The people did. You put out some BS conspiracy theory that Obama and Roy Barnes conspired to slip a Democrat into the Senate and you insult our heritage by treating us as if we all starred on Deliverance. Like we all attend family reunions to meet wives and YOU want to blame it on Roy Barnes?

      YOU and the rest of that A train crowd called out Roy Barnes, not us.

      This is an unforced error from the Zoller camp. Interesting.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        Not really an error, ACU is doing calls for Martha…sounds like an endorsement to me…whether its an “offical endorsement” or not, is just a matter of semantics.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Sorry Matt, I honestly didn’t intend to strike a nerve. It was good to hear from you the other day.

      • Matt Stout says:

        Good talking to you also Howard. Congrats on that victory in Dec. I wasn’t reacting negatively, I just saw some irony in the robocall point. I am not sore, bowersville. Congrats to you as well. Whatever y’all did, it was well played.

  3. bullFrog says:

    Everyone has his own yardstick. The best Collins can do on the Americans for Prosperity Scorecard is a low ‘B’. It’s all in the context, I suppose.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Gasp! You mean another Washington group has graded one of our most absurdly conservatives not conservative enough? You don’t say.

  4. Matt Stout says:

    Jim Whitehead got the NRA endorsement also.
    Broun got the NRA affiliate Georgia Sports Shooting Association nod.

    The new 9th will be determined by grassroots and hard work … Endorsements from Washington are no substitute for hard work.

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