BE ADVISED: Early Voting Starts Today

Have you already come to a decision on who to vote for in your party’s primary as well as TSPLOST and the non-partisan judicial races?  Then your time has come.  Early voting starts today in all of Georgia’s 159 counties and runs through July 27th.  The Secretary of State has a webpage on where you can find information on advance (early) voting locations.  You can also wait until election day on July 31st, but be sure to double-check your precinct cards or the My Voter Page also on the Secretary of State’s website since redistricting has occurred and you may be in a new district or precinct.  You can also view a sample ballot on the My Voter Page as well.

Pro-tip:  If you vote early, you’ll see a reduced number of political solicitations (in theory, at least).  A wise candidate (hint to all candidates reading this post) knows to check with the local registrar to see who has pulled an absentee ballot in person, as well as those who have mailed back their absentee ballots, and not spend money soliciting a vote from someone who has already cast their ballot.


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    Voting question: I understand the deadline for registration has passed for the July 31 election. I am registered, but at a previous address. If I change my address now, will I be able to vote at my new precinct on July 31st? If not, will I still be able to vote at my former precinct while the change is being processed? Or will I not be able to vote at all until the change goes through?

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        They certainly don’t make it easy for you, do they? Seems rather undemocratic to have a voter registration deadline nearly a full month before an election. Surely I’m not the only person moving in July.

        • Nathan says:

          Actually, there are procedures in place, but it does depend on the county’s election board. Counties usually have provisional ballots for people who end up at the wrong precinct and don’t have time to make it to their actual precinct before the polls close, so I’m sure a voter can vote provisionally if they move to another county in Georgia. Of course, you could always get a mail-in ballot from your registrar as well (not sure if it could be forwarded to you or not). Again, I’d call down to your county registrar and ask.

        • Lawton Sack says:

          There has to be some cutoff date for registering to vote and making changes. With 159 counties, most with multiple voting precincts, it would be a nightmare trying to get everything together if registration was continued up until the election. If you factor in advance/early voting, the deadline was actually only a week before the election.

          Every day people move into areas and are represented by people that they did not have a chance to vote on. My son turns 18 a month after the election, so he will be under a President he could not vote for 4 years. It would not be right if someone did not have any representation at all.

    • Nathan says:

      My understanding is that you would vote at your old precinct if you’re registered at your old address and haven’t changed it or changed it after the deadline. I would call down to the registrar’s office and ask just to make sure.

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