Legislative Race-a-palooza Part 1

We’re less than a month away from the Primary Election. I thought it might be good to take a break from the T-SPLOST/TIA food fight to point out other things which will appear on the 7/31/12 ballot, namely Legislative races. There are a number of State House and Senate races so in the days leading up to the vote I’ll post a thread periodically focused solely on these races. Feel free to share what you’ve heard with the rest of the class but know I’ll be watching to make sure the sock puppets don’t run amok.

List of House races and Senate races.

Perhaps the nastiest race is for State House District 57. Democrat incumbents Pat Gardner and Rashad Taylor were thrown into a district together and the gloves are off. Taylor has even accused Atlanta Progressive News of being part of a homophobic conspiracy.

(APN) ATLANTA — Today (6/16/12), State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta) publicly accused the Atlanta Progressive News of engaging in a two-year conspiracy, in conjunction with political operatives, to produce homophobic mailers targeting Mr. Taylor as well as Angela Brown, a former candidate for Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education.

Rep. Taylor is currently in a heated Primary Election with State Rep. Pat Gardner (D-Atlanta), as they have both been drawn into the same district this year by the Republican-led legislature.

Yesterday, Georgia Voice magazine reported that Taylor has come forward with a mailer making homophobic attacks against Mr. Taylor. Taylor claims that the flyer has been found throughout South Atlanta.

Taylor called on the Gardner campaign to denounce the flyer, which she has.

Atlanta Progressive News put out questionnaires in various Democratic House races and received responses here, here, and here.

Another hotly contested race involves Republicans Doug McKillip and Regina Quick in House District 117. Quick took McKillip to task for switching parties at a recent forum even as she courts Democratic votes. Full disclosure: I’ve donated to McKillip’s campaign.

“I urge you to take a long look at his liberal record, because it’s showing,” she said.

Quick said she has been an active Republican since 2006, when she ran against then-Democrat McKillip in the general election, was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2008 and has fought for lower property taxes. She said she grew up in a household with a union Democrat father and a Republican mother where they discussed both sides of issues.

McKillip said he had a sincere change of heart in 2009, when he became a “saved Christian.”

“I changed a great deal about my life,” he said. “I adopted more conservative principles in my business, in my family, in my politics.”

Loganville Patch caught up with the GOP and Dem. candidates for House District 105.

Aaron Gould Sheinin and Shannon McCaffrey look at the race for Senate District 21 between incumbent Chip Rogers and Brandon Beach.

There are two fascinating races in Forsyth County. Former Rep. Tom Knox is attempting a comeback against former pro-baseball player Geoff Duncan in House District 26 while incumbent Senator Jack Murphy is being challenged by Forsyth Tea Party leader Steve Voshall in Senate District 27. The two pairs of candidates appeared at a forum last week.

Blog For Democracy goes all in for Yasmin Neal, running for reelection against former Rep. Mike Glanton in House District 75. Neal became famous for introducing a bill banning vasectomies earlier this year.

In Cobb County, three incumbents received good ratings from Americans For Prosperity. Meanwhile NE Cobb’s lone Democratic candidate talked to NE Cobb Patch.

Also in Cobb, the Cobb Republican Women hosted a forum featuring the GOP candidates for Senate District 6. The winner takes on Democrat incumbent Doug Stoner.

Maggie Lee writes in the Macon Telegraph about the Senate District 18 race between incumbent Cecil Staton and Spencer Price.

The race has a nasty edge online, with at least one blogger attacking Staton’s character and business dealings and a handful of anonymous sites attacking Price on the same charges. In the fund-raising race, Staton has collected about five dollars for every one of Price’s from last September through this March. In that period, Staton raised $51,125 to Price’s $11,060. Price’s cash comes from a handful of mostly local donors. Staton has many more local donors, plus the political action committee and lobbyist money that regularly flows toward powerful incumbents. Second quarter 2012 campaign disclosures are due July 9.

Maggie also writes about the race in House District 149 between incumbent Jimmy Pruitt and John Clements. Full disclosure: I’ve contributed to Pruitt.


  1. Calypso says:

    “Maggie Lee writes in the Macon Telegraph about the Senate District 18 race between incumbent Cecil Staton and Spencer Price.”

    She should have tried for an exclusive with Beth Merkelson for that story.

    • SallyForth says:

      Hey! Don’t go dragging Beth into this brier patch. She’s resting up for next year’s Session.

  2. Jackster says:

    Buzz, I find it incredibly tacky that with a HUGE increase in revenue for the DOT on the ballot, they pick now to enforce this particular policy.

    Whereas ther eare lots of billboards for Pro T-Splost eye candy, most of the anti tsplost campaigning has been in the form of signs and individual efforts.

    It just smacks of impropriety.

    • They do this every time there’s an election, it’s not new for this year. DOT makes a splash in the press hoping candidates will self-regulate.

  3. ricstewart says:

    How convenient that Rep. McKilip became a Christian after an election, rather than qualifying time.

    • SallyForth says:

      About the same time he decided to be self-appointed gatekeeper for every female’s vagina. I heard tell he’s stockpiling lock-&-key chastity belts from the middle ages for his next legislative mandate.

  4. Cloverhurst says:

    Last time I saw Doug McKillip it was 2009, I was in downtown Athens and Doug was listening to Bill Ayers speak at the Athens Human Rights Festival. Sounds like a real conservative.

    • Calypso says:

      He had an epiphany. I think that epiphany told him he would receive more attention under the gold dome with an ‘R’ after his name than a ‘D’. Also something about 30 pieces of silver.

  5. Captain America says:

    The District 180 Race has turned out to be a blood bath. Supporters on both sides are coming out of the wood work. The report is on the ground the Challenger Adam Jacobson is pleading for the local democratic vote ( no democratic challenger). Spencer is very strong with the conservative base. Whomever proposed that new district 18o map does not understand the politics of Southeast GA. The new 180th district has now become more conservative and the favors Spencer. See what you have in Camden County is a bunch of Snowbirds that have retired who are mostly liberal in thinking. However, a majority of the county is conservative with some pockets of liberals in the southern part of the county near the Florida line. In Waycross & Folkston GA, you have staunch “anti-Obama” conservatives…pretty right winged. If you look at the last election cycle for this race, former Rep Cecily Hill only won 3 precincts out of 14. If you look at Mark Hatfield’s former district, Spencer will most likely take those precincts in Waycross and Folkston due to the clientele of voter. In Camden, the West Kingsland precinct has been drawn out this time…Ellis Black’s district. Spencer does not have to worry about West Kingsland ( which Cecily won last time); therefore, there are about two precincts out of 17 that Spencer may lose. I do not see Jacobson pulling this off. Here are some videos for your enjoyment that have been circulating around our area. Isn’t politics grand!!


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