ACU To Begin Ranking State Legislators, Recognize Some Georgia Legislators For Conservative Bona Fides

The American Conservative Union, one of the oldest and most respected conservative political organizations around, has begun ranking State Legislators in recent years. This year they’ve decided to rate us here in Georgia. I happen to know of two who will be honored but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Received via press release:

American Conservative Union to Announce Inaugural Conservative Ratings of the Georgia Legislature

Washington, D.C. – The American Conservative Union (ACU) will hold a Meet & Greet on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia to honor the award winners of our inaugural conservative Ratings of the Georgia General Assembly. The event will coincide with the announcement and release of the ACU’s 2012 Georgia Legislative Ratings Guide.

Last year, the American Conservative Union launched a new initiative to bring its annual Ratings of Congress – considered the gold standard of conservative voter education guides – to the state level, issuing inaugural ratings of state legislators in the battleground states of Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and the Commonwealth of Virginia. In the second year of this new program, the ACU is issuing these ratings in fifteen states, based on the legislators’ votes on conservative issues.

The ACU Ratings of the Georgia General Assembly will include scores for each individual member in both the State Senate and House of Representatives, a description of the votes scored and lists of members receiving special recognition as “Defenders of Liberty,” “ACU Conservatives” or “True Liberals of the Peach State.”

The following event is OPEN to the press:

WHAT:American Conservative Union honors award winners as part of its inaugural conservative ratings of the Georgia General Assembly.
WHO:ACU Chairman Al Cardenas will be available for media interviews.
WHEN:Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 11am -12:30pm EDT
WHERE:South Wing of the State Capitol
Room 216
206 Washington Street, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30334
NOTE:Please be prepared for natural sound.
RSVP:Media wishing to cover this event should please RSVP to ACU Communications Director, Laura Keehner Rigas, by COB on Monday, July 9. Thank you.

For more information, on the American Conservative Union and ACU State Legislative Ratings, please visit


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    “NOTE:Please be prepared for natural sound.”


    I hear it gets pretty deafening in there. All those echoes and such.

    • Calypso says:

      grift, we’ve moved past the stakes and kindling. Currently in vogue is a small strip of paper which, when spoken to by a politician, will turn either red or blue.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    So it’s cool if ACU rates how conservative you are, but if Grover Norquist asks you (the collective you, not YOU, Buzz) to follow the pledge you signed people get all upset?

  3. Three Jack says:

    What bills will be used to score legislators? I’m guessing anti-choice and chasing off mexicans will be included along with hb386, the tax increase/giveaway to special interests w/lobbyists a-plenty. It will be interesting to see how ACU scores as much as who scores well.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Can points be deducted if you have ever been a character witness in a legislator’s court case/judgement or been the legislator in one ?

  5. Bob Loblaw says:

    Great. Another Washington, D.C. based entity coming down here to tell us how to think, judge and vote. Go home.

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