This week in Democratic Party disclosure news…

This post deserves a giant hat tip…

A couple of interesting disbursements…  we see how much Bill Richardson cost the DPG, $15,000.  Ever heard of a JJ Speaker being paid?  Guess that’s what happens when the DNC pulls their speaker and you have to turn to a speaker bureau.

In frivolous litigation news, Rashad got a $2,500 bonus on top of his salary…

Mike Berlon got reimbursed over 8,000 for travel expenses but not sure what for, guessing JJ maybe…  I’m sure it was perfectly legit but it’s awful funny after that $10,000 he gave last month to repay Tasso Knight’s salary that this month he gets 8K back…  and there was a small disbursement to Mike Berlon for I kid you not “??” as the purpose…

You can see the whole thing here:


  1. I Miss the 90s says:

    Sorry, Stephan…but I do not see why anybody should care.

    The DGP has not been relevant since Jane Kidd was elected as chair and turned the party into an ideological advocacy group.

    • Stefan says:

      1) I suppose you are implying that the Green Party or the Libertarian Party will soon come to prominence and replace the Democratic Party as the second major party in Georgia. I find that unlikely.

      The return of the Democratic Party to relevancy, if not majority, depends on its ability to convince Georgians of its worth. If it isn’t financially sound, or as my grandfather would say “a going concern”, it will not be seen as a viable alternative. It is not in a position to take advantage of the missteps and weakness of its opponent, it will remain the minority party for longer than the demographic trends would indicate.

      2) Who is Stephan?

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I care for several reasons. First, it seems that PP is one of the few places that folks can learn about the current DPG leaderships spending money like drunken sailors.

    Over at Dem blogs if they write about it, the writers are threatened with lawsuits, shunned, removed/ kicked out and or silenced in other ways. There should be at least one safe space disclosures can be diagnosed and written about.

    Gov. Richardson gets 15 large.. sheesh..

    • Andre says:

      Being threatened with litigation is not necessarily a bad thing.

      I’ve got to be one of the few people who actually enjoyed being sued.

      Regarding that $2,500 bonus that Rashad Richey received; well, that made me smile too.

      I want Rashad Richey to keep his job.

      As long as Richey the Recidivist is getting paid, then my lawyers will be getting paid. If Judge Bedford grants us attorneys’ fees, we intend to collect.

      Actions have consequences.

      • Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

        yes, of course Andre, my comment was all about you. Sigh.

        Not everyone wants to be threatened with a lawsuit, incur expenses, see their name in legal print, field media calls. Most operatives are perfectly happy to work on behalf of organizations well behind the scenes.

        • Andre says:

          My point is an individual cannot be afraid of retribution if they see the organization they’re working for going down the wrong path, and then decide to speak out about it.

          But I think these days, fear has gripped the Democratic Party of Georgia.

          Your own comments are evidence of that.

          Fear of retribution, fear of losing seats on the state committee, fear of being sued, fear of people whispering not-so-nice-things behind the backs of others; at a certain point, a person has to be willing to give up everything they’ve worked for and stand up for what’s right.

          As someone wise once said, one man standing alone with God is a majority.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “First, it seems that PP is one of the few places that folks can learn about the current DPG leaderships spending money like drunken sailors.”

      The 2012 Democrat Party of Georgia has leadership?

      Now that’s news!

  3. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    JJ speakers are usually provided by the DNC as part of the service to the states that need that help. Some states don’t need any help getting JJ speakers due to the political clout they enjoy (NH, FL, IA, CA, NY etc). GA hasn’t had that clout in some time, so the DNC becomes the ‘speakers bureau”.

    In late January the rumor was Mayor Corey Booker was being sent. Not sure what happened with that, next thing folks heard was it would not be him, and someone else was coming.

  4. SallyForth says:

    These days, every time I see a post about the Georgia Democratic Party, I start hunting in the cabinet for popcorn to pop. Things get a little boring when that bunch quiets down, and their ineptitude is just SO entertaining.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Things get a little boring when that bunch quiets down, and their ineptitude is just SO entertaining.”

      Yes, Georgia Democrats’ ineptitude is very entertaining because it is so completely light-hearted and harmless as the Democrats have virtually no power to screw things up at the state level anymore, unlike Georgia Republicans, whose ineptitude, while even that much more intensely entertaining and compelling than Georgia Dems, is not all that harmless has the ability to really put us all in a world of hurt, seeing as though the GOP holds all the cards these days.

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