AFP Hands Off My Health Care Rally

In light of today’s Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, the Georgia chapter of Americans for Prosperity will host a Hands Off My Health Care Rally tomorrow at the state capitol (pay careful attention to the details, folks):

The Supreme Court may have ruled today that the President’s health care takeover is constitutional, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over. The President’s Affordable Care Act was bad legislation yesterday and it’s still bad legislation today. Americans for Prosperity is committed to continuing the fight.

Rally with AFP activists at the Georgia Capitol this Friday at 3 PM! Americans for Prosperity-Georgia is hosting the first major response event from you, the citizens of Georgia. We’ll hear from Attorney General Sam Olens, Georgia Tech Economics Professor Dr. Christine Ries and leaders from allied organizations including Smart Girl Politics, Georgia Tea Party Patriots, and Faith & Freedom Coalition. More importantly, we’ll hear from you! We encourage you to make a poster to express your thoughts on the decision.

Important Notes: It is supposed to be very hot – please bring a cold drink and dress appropriately. Since Session is over, you can park for $5 in the Legislative lot at Capitol Ave. & Mitchell. Or ride MARTA, GSU station. For maximum impact, please limit your signs to this issue only. And be mindful that media will likely be present – we reserve the right to remove your poster from our event if it is in bad taste or otherwise inappropriate.


  1. mountainpass says:

    “…..we reserve the right to remove your poster from our event if it is in bad taste or otherwise inappropriate.”

    Really? Who gives them that right? Is it not a public space? Who judges the posters?

  2. AMB says:

    And if anyone overheats and passes out, don’t you dare get transported to Grady, the premiere hospital for the uninsured in metro Atlanta.

    • I would say I agree but I always see Tea Party people on MARTA when I’m going to Hawks games and they have one of their rallies. Insert joke about them liking government interference in the market when it benefits them.

      • Jackster says:

        It would seem to me that AFP is more of a libertarian group, not so much a “Don’t tax me, bro” (TEA party) group.

        With that being said, I bet some of the TEA party folks will show up, but mostly to protest the tax / penalty portion, not so much the actual reform (which is where the libertarians have beef.)

        Government subsidized Grade A beef.

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