Panel To Discuss Challenges Of “Ex-Offenders”

Saturday morning, Rep Alicia Thomas Morgan will host a panel discussion regarding the challenges of incarcerated citizens as they attempt to re-enter productive society, according to the South Cobb Patch. 

The purpose of the meeting is to educate the public about the challenges ex-offenders face when trying to reenter society. The meeting will also connect ex-offenders with resources that will help them reenter society and will help them become more productive members of society.

The event will feature expert panelists discussing the recent criminal justice reform law passed this legislative session, resources to aid ex-offenders, as well as personal testimonies.

Governor Deal announced last week that one of his legislative priorities for 2013 will be increased educational opportunities for those who are incarcerated.  It is becoming clear that Georgia’s prision population is a drag not just the prison budget, but creates a permanent underclass of citizens that cannot find suitable employment – thus continuing to be a burden on the state long after they are released from prision.

With sentencing reform passed somewhat easier than may have been expected during the 2012 session, it now appears that political will may allow the state to go further in moving a “tough on crime” stance into being smart on crime.  Very few who commit a crime receive a life sentence.  The rest must be prepared to contribute to society.


  1. ieee says:

    Of course this does not include the pariahs on which we have idiotically attached the lifelong label of “SEX OFFENDER”. We will continue to treat those “people” in an immoral, counterproductive, anti-factual, un-American, emotional, idiotic, and often illegal manner.

    During the next legislative session, Georgia should drastically cut its “SEX OFFENDER” laws. If it doesn’t, how will it continue to justify having a SEX OFFENDER Registry but no other similar Registry for other types of convicted criminals? Or does no one feel like that even has to be justified?

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