Georgia Sued By Justice Department Over Military Runoff Voting

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

The Justice Department today sued the state of Georgia, charging the state’s voting procedures are inadequate to ensure that military service members, their family members and U.S. citizens living overseas can fully participate in the state’s Aug. 21 federal primary runoff election, should one be necessary, as well as future federal runoff elections.

The Justice Department said it sued because under Georgia’s election calendar, official runoff election ballots will not be available to be sent until after July 7, the 45th day before this year’s primary runoff election. Justice said that under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA), a ballot must be sent 45 days in advance of future runoff elections for federal office.

According to the Chronicle, Secretary of State Brian Kemp is named as a defendant along with the State of Georgia.



  1. notsplost says:

    How can they send out absentee ballots for a runoff on July 7th when they don’t even know who the candidates in the runoff will be? For example, in Cobb county there are 4 candidates vying for Commission Chair – Tim Lee, Mike Boyce, Larry Savage and Bill Byrne. Assuming no candidate gets 50% +1 in the general primary, there could be a number of combinations in the runoff: Byrne vs. Lee, Boyce vs. Lee, Savage vs. Lee, Byrne vs. Savage, etc.

    At any rate this lawsuit has merit. Why are Georgia Republicans trying to disenfranchise our military? Afraid they might vote NO on TSPLOST?

    • CobbGOPer says:

      “How can they send out absentee ballots for a runoff on July 7th when they don’t even know who the candidates in the runoff will be?”

      Because they send them blank ballots, Einstein. They write-in their choice. They’re also allowed to vote online.

      This lawsuit has no merit, because the system we have now was set up in response to a similar DOJ accusation of possible troop disenfranchisement back before 2006. Hence blank ballots and online voting for troops.

      This is a political move by the Obama DOJ, Chicago-style.

  2. Ron2008 says:

    Well tried to give him a chance but this is a big campaign promise broken. It’s not just this though, it took him nearly 3 months after the justice department approved congressional maps to update the MVP page on the SOS website. When district gops’s had conventions it was a disaster because it still had the old data and verification had to be hand done for each person.

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