1. Atticus Grinch says:

    What a crock this is. 36 year old political insider.. former head of Lawyers for Deal. Served less than 2 years on the Court of Appeals (having also gotten that appointment as the result of political connections) without doing anything that set him apart. No doubt, he’s smart, but so are thousands of other members of the State Bar. His presumed talent notwithstanding, would Perdue have picked him from relative anonymity to serve on the Court of Appeals, were it not for the GOP connections? Lesson for any lawyer with judicial aspirations: look in the crystal ball, pick the right candidate and work your ass for him. You shall be rewarded in the Promised Land.

  2. The Comma Guy says:

    I will agree with Atticus’s cynicism. You hope that merit will play a role, but sadly again and again the decisions are made for political reasons. And then the judges are re-elected time and time again without opposition. Maybe Missouri has the right idea – where judicial appointments are only for 2 years and then the candidate must stand for a retention election. If voted out, the seat is open and anyone can run.

    The real question is who will get the next 2 appointments? I doubt that the Governor will not miss out on a chance to appoint a sitting judge to the Court of Appeals and then another lawyer to that vacated seat.

  3. Atticus Grinch says:

    I remember when Marvin Arrington contributed $10,000 to Roy Barnes’ campaign shortly before he was selected to fill an opening in the Fulton County Superior Court. Based on the reasoning set forth on this page, that’s OK .. that’s just politics .. that just the way it goes. I wonder how many of the 6 people passed over by the Governor are going to bed thinking, “Well, I lost out to the best man. He was certainly the most qualified.” Let me answer that for you: None of them. Take heart, though, Blackwell is just the kind of Judge the people of Georgia love ..a conservative judicial activist (an activist isn’t so bad if you agree with him!).

    • Dash Riptide says:

      He’s had plenty of time on the Court of Appeals to reveal his judicial activism by now. Which of his activist opinions do you find most objectionable?

    • johnl says:

      Mr. Atticus, you take quite a huge leap when you compare Arrington’s “donation” to Blackwell’s appointment. As a matter of fact, Gov. Deal actually requires all judicial candidates to publicly disclose in their applications whether they donated anything to the Governor’s campaign, and if so, the Governor must give the money back. This policy has been in place since the beginning of the Perdue administration and I suspect it is in direct response to the Arrington matter.

      I happen to know many of the 6 of whom you speak ( do you?) and none of them are crying in their pillows as you allege. I’m sorry you are so upset with this appointment. Maybe you should apply for the next available seat.

  4. The Comma Guy says:

    Governor Nathan Deal on Wednesday tapped Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge William “Billy” Ray II and Smith, Gambrell & Russell partner Elizabeth “Lisa” Branch to fill two vacancies on the state Court of Appeals.

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