President of Ga. Association of Black Elected Officials takes no firm stand on T-SPLOST

Yes, another T-SPLOST post.

The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials is gathering in Savannah right now. From Larry Peterson at the Savannah Morning News:

State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, the group’s president, was asked about [the regional referendums] at a news conference that started the group’s annual summer convention in Savannah. [. . .]

Brooks, an Atlanta Democrat, said his 1,000-member organization is deeply divided and Atlanta-area members he polled split about “50-50.”

Voters there will have to weigh increased traffic congestion versus the higher sales tax burden they already bear, he said.

“We have members all over the state,” he said. “The regions are all different. The packages are all different.”

Brooks said he’s telling his constituents to “vote their conviction.”

But Rep. Bob Bryant, D-Garden City, said he supports the plan on the ballot in the region that includes the Savannah area.

I have previously written about how the primary dynamics will likely hurt Democratic turnout here in the coastal region. The state NAACP opposes the referendums.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Maybe there are some things that should not move in lockstep to race, creed or color but that doesn’t stop those organizations from peer pressuring and driving their causes.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “President of Ga. Association of Black Elected Officials takes no firm stand on T-SPLOST”

    Of course not, it’s kind of hard to come down on the winning side when you don’t know which way the political winds are blowing.

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