About That Gwinnett Probation Contract

Yesterday we presented a blog post from Bob Griggs regarding some shenanigans surrounding the cancellation of a competitive bid and a direct award to a company owned by influential Gwinnett County developer Wayne Mason. 

The background is somewhat helpful in understanding this report from the AJC detailing that the former company with the contract – managed by former State Rep Clay Cox – is asking for a do-over.

Last month, former Commissioner Shirley Lasseter pleaded guilty in federal court to bribery. A special grand jury investigating county land deals in 2010 indicted then-Commissioner Kevin Kenerly on a still-pending bribery charge. The same probe prompted the resignation of then-Chairman Charles Bannister, who left to avoid a perjury charge.

Clay Cox, who is CEO of PPS, said Gwinnett County should terminate its current contract with Southeast Corrections.

“What is becoming more and more clear is that this was a time period of misbehavior,” said Cox. “It makes good sense for the county to say we’re going to put this back out for bid and eliminate any possible appearances of impropriety.”

The job of supervising misdemeanor probationers is worth about $150,000 a month, according to Cox. The probationers pay supervision fees to the company. PPS alleges that the judges awarded the job to Southeast Corrections because they had personal relationships with Mason.

Always remember, Gwinnett is Great.  So long as you’ve paid off the right people.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Always remember, Gwinnett is Great. So long as you’ve paid off the right people.”

    Charlie, I think that you have just unintentionally come up with the next great tourism advertising slogan.

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