Final Day: TEA Party – Peach Pundit – PolitiKlout Ethics Poll

Today is the FINAL DAY of the Ethics text poll.  Vote today before 5:00PM

Peach Pundit has again teamed up with the Atlanta TEA Party and PolitiKlout to provide a text based poll. This month, we’re focusing on the need for a gift cap as part of ethics reform.

Day 2 results are as follows:

Do you support ending Georgia’s practice of unlimited gifts to legislators from lobbyists?

A) Yes 78.57%

B) No 14.29%

C) Undecided 7.14%

To participate, text “ethics” to 28748


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The company has refined voter data of one of the largest available lists of constituents within the state of Georgia, and the social media contact information (when applicable) of those potential voters.

PolitiKlout currently serves customers in races at the State-wide, U.S. Congressional, State House/Senate and county levels.

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