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  1. SallyForth says:

    Carville’s quotes are classic Carville; some deserve repeating here:
    On President Barack Obama’s upcoming speech at the Democratic National Convention: “Maybe Obama needs to go to the convention and say of his opponent, ‘You know, let’s concede, he will not raises taxes on the wealthy and I will. He has not taken any position yet. In fact, he’s promised to cut taxes on the wealthy; I will raise taxes on the wealthy. That’s a distinction in this election.’ … ‘Romney wants the Bush policy: I want the Clinton policy. What would you rather have, 2008 or 1998? Take your pick.’ Consultants, politicians have some balls and say that.”

    On government: “People have lost all faith in government, and for good reason. It’s the corruption, stupid. . . . [N]ow people just don’t trust the government anymore, and who can blame them? They’re right: government is corrupt and bought. And most of all, they get causality: the rich and connected control the government, and that contributes to the decline of the middle class.”

    On what Obama’s message should be: “If I were the president, I’d acknowledge the 220,000 people who got jobs one month but then I’d focus entirely on the 13 million who didn’t. I know we differ on that. He wants to talk about the areas where we’re doing okay, and not the many who are still struggling.”

    On the rich: “Only when rich people own Yellowstone will they be happy. Then when they buy Yellowstone they will want an exemption so they don’t have to pay property tax on it.”

    • saltycracker says:

      Snakehead has become rich being the cobra of the Demos and coming up with well paid venomous remarks. He probably works them out with his republican wife.
      It’s about the money. He is good at it.

      Obama is all about destroying the middle class – unless they are public workers.

      How does he define middle class, anyway?

  2. saltycracker says:

    The AJC reports the discretionary SPLOST funds like a revelation ?
    From the get go it has been more of that something is better than nothing for the unwashed OTP.

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