Fetal Pain Bill Opposition Inspiring Attacks On OBGYN Clinics?

There’s been a disturbing number of criminal incidents surrounding Atlanta OBGYN clinics over the past few months.  The AJC brings news that the FBI is investigating, and also shows a disturbing connection among the victims.

Four of the five offices targeted are run by doctors who had voiced concerns — sometimes publicly, sometimes privately — about the so-called fetal pain bill, which shortened to 20 weeks the time frame during which women can have an elective abortion.

“These are despicable acts and if there is some relationship between these acts and the legislation, then it’s even more outrageous,” said House Speaker David Ralston. “I’m concerned that Georgians might have some fear of coming to the Capitol and voicing their opinions on legislation. Obviously, that troubles me.”

Four physicians interviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some of whom declined to be named, said they suspected — but could not prove — that whoever targeted their clinics was exceptionally well informed about their activities in the Capitol during the 40 days of the session. Even those activities that occurred out of the public eye.

“The circle of people is not that large,” said John Walraven, a lobbyist for the Infertility and Perinatology Consortium of Georgia. “That’s what’s creepy about it.”

Despite using a double negative, Georgia Right To Life’s Dan Becker denounced the crimes:

“We are an organization that has never not worked with the FBI against domestic terrorism,” Georgia Right To Life President Dan Becker said Thursday. “We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of acts of violence against abortionists, or anybody related — patients or doctors.”

The acts against these doctors and their clinics do not help protect innocent life.  They instead put other innocent people in jeopardy.  Further, the appearance that doctors who speak up publicly about proposed legislation is nothing short of domestic terrorism.  There is no nicer way to frame it.

Anyone committing these acts under the name of Christianity does not know my Christ, and there is not a fire in hell hot enough for them.  I’ll still try to phrase that a bit more calmly when I turn this into a column for later.


  1. John Konop says:

    Question for social conservatives:

    We are currently facing a 300 million dollar short fall with Medicaid, which funds poor children, special needs people and elderly. We know that over 70 % of teenage mothers end up on welfare. We now have a bill that is anti –abortion, if passed, more than likely we will see an increase in teenage pregnancies as well as special needs children. How do you propose we pay for this? Would not passing this bill without dealing with the above issue just be another unfunded mandate?

    • SallyForth says:

      Hey John, this so-called “fetal pain” bill was passed this year and signed into law by the Guv. So, yes, the brainiacs at the Legislature did, indeed, pass another unfunded mandate.

      Were you talking about some new bill they’re planning for the 2013 Session?

      • John Konop says:

        I was talking about fetal pain bill. I am personally against abortion. I just see a lot of shades of gray with this issue. I think people should spend more time walking in other peoples shoes.

        • SallyForth says:

          Yep, I am also personally against abortion – but as you say, there are so many shades of gray on this sensitive personal issue. Neither I nor anyone else has the right to tell any female what to do with her body. I will defend to the end a woman or girl’s basic right to privacy within her own body and the right to make such difficult decisions between her, her God, and her doctor, without government intervention.

  2. Flowers says:

    An interesting read from the New Yorker about social conservative radio host Bryan Fischer. His many rantings include the idea of birth control for married couples only. Because that makes sense. Fischer’s influence with evangelical ideologues is moving/has moved the GOP to a place regular folk find troublesome. I, too, prefer a world of unicorns and rainbows, but we don’t inhabit that space. Real people care about educating their children, paying the light bill and figuring out how to save enough money so they don’t have to work until they are 90. I sure wish the GOP would knock it off with the social politics and get about the business jobs and the economy.

    • Calypso says:

      “I sure wish the GOP would knock it off with the social politics and get about the business jobs and the economy.”

      But many of the GOPers (politicians and citizens, (Dems aren’t far behind)) are swimming in the shallow end of the brain pool. It is much easier to demagogue about these kinds of issues and throw gasoline on the flames which get them re/elected than actually devising and implementing sound economic policy, or foreign policy, or tax policy, or drug policy, or healthcare policy, or judicial policy, or energy policy, or…

      • Flowers says:

        @Calypso – I concur. The meaning of “conservative” is to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. In my opinion, that ain’t working. Nothing stays the same. Our world, our country is changing and we must find meaningful ways to resolve problems and challenges. Burning the place down shouldn’t be in the mix.

  3. If your political activism compels you to put other people’s families in danger and risk people’s lives you are deranged and need to be dealt with appropriately by law enforcement.

    • saltycracker says:

      Sadly it is getting more and more “acceptable” to endanger people and property to get one’s point across. The more emotional and destructive an activist group becomes the more political and public support grows to appease them.

      Freakonomics is correct on abortion reducing welfare costs but do we really approve of abortion when it is just for birth control vs. rape, incest, medical issues ? I’m sure a modern society can come up with a better solution even if it is replacing some child welfare with orphanages.

  4. fultonrighty says:

    As a long-time pro-life follower of Christ, I am outraged that anyone would do such destructive things to anyone for any reason. It certainly does not help the pro-life cause! Reputable organizations like Georgia Right to Life are rightly incensed with such actions–it only hurts their efforts. I hope the FBI finds the culprits and takes them to justice.

    • Calypso says:

      “Reputable organizations like Georgia Right to Life Reputable…”

      Reading that brought on a hearty, and totally involuntary, guffaw. I do agree with your disdain for the perpetrators of these attacks, though.

  5. becauseisaidso says:

    “If you can’t say vagina,” she added, “we shouldn’t be legislating them. To this day, I didn’t say anything wrong. It’s the anatomically correct terminology for the female anatomy.” This from Eve Ensler, Michigan legislator silenced last week for her opposition to an abortion bill when she used the word “vagina” from the well of the State House. Really? This whole issue has gotten ridiculous. I thought we were for less government, not a Big Brother or a Nanny.

    • Calypso says:

      “I thought we were for less government, not a Big Brother or a Nanny.”

      Nah, that’s just what they want us to believe. Sad part is, it works more times than not.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Well if she’d just said “Hoo-haa” instead of “vagina” there wouldn’t have been a problem, now would there? 😉

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      I thought we were for less government, not a Big Brother or a Nanny.”

      Sorry, but the less government concept doesn’t apply to social issues of a highly-emotional nature that drive voter turnout within the base of the party, but then again, I think that you already knew that.

    • SallyForth says:

      The best part of what she said from the well was “No means No!” When a woman says no, her vagina cannot be used whether for intercourse or pregnancy or any other reason. People who are passing laws to take away women’s and girls’ right to life should at least speak in specific and anatomically correct terminology, not hide behind phony terms like “pro life” when they are actually ruining lives and expanding the scope and expense of government.

  6. Bob Loblaw says:

    This is heavy stuff. Its been over a decade since Eric Robert Rudolph. Better get a grip on this before someone gets injured. Firebombing a clinic with patients in it? Mercy. I think anyone who reads this can tell that doctors went to the Captiol and then found themselves victims of violent crime. So, in essence, someone at the Capitol is paying attention to the doctors that are there and then crimes are occuring. Whoever is hanging out at the Capitol tracking activities of people that ended up as a victim is going to need a lawyer and better get used to wearing orange. Forever. But don’t call the venerable firm of Bob Loblaw. We don’t represent turds like that!

  7. sunkawakan says:

    David Gunn, John Britton, Barnett Slepian, and George Tiller. Four doctors who’ve been assassinated.

    These single-issue activist groups, whether it’s abortion, gay marriage, gun rights or immigration, seem to attract the worst that humanity has to offer in ever larger numbers.

    And when it’s magnified by churches and other community groups, it’s given more power–and justification.

    I am an absolute believer in our freedom of speech, but there are exceptions we need to consider, like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, etc. Religious or other personal convictions should not be an excuse for incitement to crime. And true threats are not protected speech.

    It’s got to stop.

  8. Dave Bearse says:

    What’s with the question mark at the end of the title? What’s next, “Atlanta teachers cheating to increase test scores?” A dozen peoplr or less testify against the legislaton, then five of them are subjected to burglary or arson within two months. Statistically it’s simply a matter of whether the culprits will be caught.

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