Morning Reads for Monday, June 18th

Good morning, Peaches. Do you have A Case of the Mondays??

Here in Georgia…

Both Speaker Ralston and Roy Barnes were cleared by Ethics Panel.  Phew! – that was a nail biter.

It looks like the Ethics Committee was trying to get things off their plate because they voted unanimously to send Ox to trial, but alas, the ruling on five complaints about Gov. Deal has been delayed.

Social conservatives line up behind Romney.  “They’re not ignorant — they know,” said Tom Scott, Georgia state chairman for the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Capitol will see an influx of Godless people – no really.

Georgia’s $99M in federal foreclosure funds will not go to address foreclosures.

Tentative plans for how to spend the discretionary TSPLOST funds are floating around.

While most 24 year olds are decorating Ikea-style and taking their lunch to work, Brittany Best is donating $2500 to a Republican candidate trying to oust Barrow.

National Stories of Interest….

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Obama’s change to immigration policy.

Romney won’t say that he’ll overturn it though.

Not all Social Conservatives line up behind Romney.  Santorum says no to potential job with Romney

Microsoft and Yahoo are selling politicians access to you

David Cameron says global leaders must now “fight for the future of our world economy” in reference to the Greek election.

Ehh, just teach the kids less – problem solved.  Fourth straight year LA has shortened the school year to address budget cutbacks.

You probably heard about Rodney King’s death.  Wow, only 47.  RIP.

A few I like….

I hope all the dads out there had a wonderful Father’s Day.  Don’t forget – they learn from watching you, alright?

What successful people do in the morning

Bones of John the Baptist possibly discovered


    • Oh my, Calhoun County only received $150,000 in equalization grants compared to Gwinnett’s $43,000,000. Of course the article fails to mention that Calhoun County has 615 students compared to Gwinnett’s 162,928. Collins Hill H.S. down the street from me has almost 6 times as many students as all of Calhoun County.

      The basic idea of equalization grants is to look at how much each county can generate via 1 mil of property taxes and bring each County either up or down to the State average. We updated the equalization formula this year via HB824. We set aside the top and bottom 5%, IIRC, and found the State average for the other counties. Because the formula was being updated for the first time in a number of years there will be winner and losers. Thus Calhoun County receives a smaller amount but the old formula said Gwinnett should have received about $100 million, which they never got. The new formula is more realistic and fairer, or as fair as government redistribution of wealth can be. Don’t blame me, y’all wanted exclusive government control of schools.

      • xdog says:

        Yeah, I think most AJC readers could figure there are more students in Gwinnett than Calhoun. It’s interesting that GC got $264/student and CC $244/student, using your numbers.

        Anyway, thanks for the link to HB824. I printed it out and will try to decode the formula later.

        Meanwhile, if you could direct me to the school budgets for Gwinnett and Calhoun I’d appreciate it. I can’t find Calhoun’s at all and the link from the Gwinnett BoE page is dead.

        • Calypso says:

          “It’s interesting that GC got $264/student and CC $244/student, using your numbers.”

          Yeah, but in Gwinnett County there are water bills associated with the indoor plumbing that need to be paid. j/k, j/k

  1. Bill Dawers says:

    I’m glad to see some coverage of Georgia’s specious use of foreclosure settlement funds, but the article is a little confusing. Georgia’s total settlement from those large banks and mortgage services was actually over $800 million. Still, the real question for me is why the state did such a bad job negotiating for its share — Florida got $8.4 billion, 10x Georgia’s settlement. I diced a few of the numbers back in Feb.:

    • Charlie says:

      Of the $800 Million, most went to actual mortgage holders in various forms of relief. The extra part that went directly to the states was to cover the state’s damages and was to be used for some form of homeowner relief program, but the AG doesn’t have the authority to direct that money for any specific purpose.

      The amount was based on the number of loans from each of the lenders in each state. It only covered 5 banks, with 4 of them not having a huge Georgia presence. Thus, GA’s share was smaller than other states which those banks had a greater concentration of business.

        • Charlie says:

          I asked Attorney General Olens the above questions at the time, and those were the answers I received. If I recall correctly, I think each state signed at the same time, so I don’t think it was a situation that one state got a better deal than another. I believe the amounts were based on either the number of mortgages or the dollar amount of those with the 5 banks.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Hey it’s the Governor’s Lawyer again! How are you, Randy?

      The Speaker wasn’t cleared of anything; the lobbyist that took him and his family and his staffer (and staffer’s family) to Europe on vacation was fined a BS amount and slapped on the wrist.

      Since our ethics laws have no teeth, Ralston won’t even get a slap on the wrist for it. He will continue to enjoy his memories of what I’m sure was a wonderful European Christmas vacation he took while his constituents in rural north Georgia continued to suffer some of the worst unemployment in the state.

      But who cares about the hoi-polloi when a lobbyist will fly you to Paris for Christmas?

  2. Blake says:

    If you like those bones of John the Baptist, I’ve got some pieces of the True Cross to sell you too.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Oh. Ok. Sorry about that.

    Looks like there wasn’t a fine at all. The lobbyist simply paid the $300 registration fee in a consent agreement. So basically the Commission decided to make the guy register. He could have been fined and sent to trial, so your “no teeth” comment is lacking. Why do you think Speaker Ralston would get “slapped” in an action against another person? If “teeth” means you can get fined or otherwise in an action against another person where you’re not even afforded due process, then you may want to move to Iran. They have your kind of “teeth” in their laws.

  4. SallyForth says:

    Hey, Bridg – you might want to change the greeting — when I clicked on this post and read “Good morning, Peaches. “, I spurted coffee out my nose! “Peaches” is the blog name of a high-profile way-left local Democratic activist on their very own controversial blog.
    As you are developing your style for the new P/P role, you probably want to use a new salutation.

    • Bridget says:

      Very good to know, Sally. Thanks. My standard is either “Good morning, Sugar Plum” or “Good morning, Sweet Cheeks”, but neither of those seemed to fit the audience either.

      I’m up for suggestions, but as a 5am’er, I’m a Good Morning kind of person. It’s obnoxious, but hey…it’s me 😉

      • SallyForth says:

        You’re welcome. I usually refer to us as “P/P’ers”, which you might not go for either. 🙂
        Maybe you’d be safe sticking with a simple Good Morning!

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