Morning Reads for Thursday, June 14th

Here in Georgia…
– The state unemployment rate stayed steady last month at 8.9%.
– Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) was recently attacked by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) during the debate over spending cuts in transportation.
– DeKalb County BOE has admitted to some large budgeting errors.
– And to think that I already despised ParkAtlanta.
– City Stink gives us 15 reasons to “detest” the TSPLOST.
– James Richardson notes two young candidates running for the Georgia legislature.
– You’d better be careful if you use the shoulder lanes on GA400.

National stories of interest…
– Independent voters aren’t fond of economic plans from Obama or Romney.
– Paying attention the ominous situation in Europe? Here are some things to watch for.
– AFL-CIO is pulling funds from Obama’s campaign.
– Wall Street is downgrading growth estimates.
– Here are the facts on the Farm Bill.
– Rep. Darrell Issa says that AG Eric Holder can avoid a looming contempt vote.
– Democrats may not have a lock on Millennials.
– Airport security checks will be privatized in Orlando.
– Bloomberg’s soda ban has launched a debate over the proper role of government.
– Sen. Rand Paul has spent a week defending his endorsement of Mitt Romney.
– There is a positive ad war in Massachusetts.
– At least three insurers plan to keep parts of ObamaCare in place if the SCOTUS strikes the law down.
– State budgets are finally facing reality.
– Will the looming Taxmageddon bring tax reform?
– Some members of Congress are pushing for an Internet Bill of Rights.
– Van Jones warns Obama that he is losing the Left.
– The SCOTUS has refused to hear yet another Birther challenge.
– Michigan Republicans are trying to keep Gary Johnson off the ballot.
– Ezra Klein notes that “occupational licensing is a racket.”
World to US: Your foreign policy sucks.
– Retail sales were down for the second straight month.

A few that I like…
– Here are the top 10 hacked LinkedIn passwords.
– 53% of Kickstarters don’t meet their funding goals.
– How Americans spend their money at the grocery store.
– A commencement speaker at a Massachusetts high school brought the kids down a peg or two.
– Comcast is fighting back against the “shake down” of BitTorrent pirates.
– The film adaptation of World War Z is in trouble.
– .LOL may become an valid domain.
– CNN has cancelled John King, USA.


  1. Ed says:

    Atlanta Banana is better than The Onion because it knows not to make their articles three times longer than they should be.

    However, much like The Onion, it sucks and isn’t funny.

    Has anyone who ever sat through a commencement speech ever actually cared what the speaker has said?

  2. nearwoodstock says:

    The James Richardson article on Fox News is pretty great. Caldwell (here in Woodstock) and Kelley in Polk county are really stirring the pot.

  3. bgsmallz says:

    The DeKalb BOE isn’t responsible with its finances? I’m shocked.

    Will someone please tell me why it makes sense for local control to support new municipalities but it doesn’t make sense to allow those municipalities to have their own school systems? I feel like the only reasonable reason not to address this is because by allowing Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, etc. etc. to have their own school system, you take away a selling point for Milton Co.

    We are trying to amend the constitution for charter schools…why wouldn’t we tackle this issue at the same time?

    It isn’t just a DeKalb problem. So far Cobb, Gwinnett, and Fulton have been better managed, but I would assume that it is only a matter of time before a massive school system like those run into issues with financial management. (or maybe not…but it sure would help us out in DeKalb if you guys thought that, right? Maybe we can use it as an excuse to put a cap on local school system millage rates or have zero based budgeting for any new school system…would that get some folks on board?)

    • saltycracker says:

      When those running it are incompetent a cap or budget will not get in the way of their self-serving. They will blame the citizens and system to reduce services. They will screw over your children, the infrastructure and new employees in that order until you realize the importance of “educating your children.” It is about empire building and high level employee perks.

      • bgsmallz says:

        I’m not saying I disagree…but can’t we at least give the citizens a right to have smaller empires? I don’t think that a city school district is the perfect answer…I’d rather be able to spend my school dollars where ever I wanted to and well, there is that little thing called APS in Atlanta that has had its problems…however, when I look at Decatur and Marietta, while I don’t see perfection, I at least see districts that are reasonable in size and certainly that are transparent and ‘local.’ I guess I get jealous that we don’t have that option and I wonder ‘why’…

        • saltycracker says:

          Smaller empires are usually good but that depends on how many outside fingers may be in the local pot. The question I’d have is would the mandates from the state/Feds create a burden on the budget of a small empire ? How do the pension, benefits, bus, free lunch, transfers for poorer counties and such programs work ?

          These small empires have a way of not building reserves or doing sound capital planning, deferring expenses, using fuzzy math or entering into bad contracts that one day catches up at the wrong time. How independent is a City school system ?

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    “World to US: Your foreign policy sucks.”

    Meh. The world will always think US foreign policy sucks until US foreign policy consists of the following tenets:

    – Cut 90% of military spending and remove all US troops from any foreign country they happen to be in; US armed forces ONLY to be used in self-defense in and around US borders.

    – Confiscate 70% of US GDP and redistribute by need to every other country on Earth.

    – Remove all immigration barriers and issue green cards to anyone who steps off the boat.

    If we institute these policies, then the world MIGHT have a favorable opinion of us.

    For my part, I could give a flying foxhound what most of the world thinks of the US. When they pull their collective heads out of their nether regions and enact the necessary political and economic reforms to pull them out of their poverty, then maybe I’ll give a damn what they think.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Bills on spending are like dividing up a peach pie. Every interest wants a slice and the game is to fight for your interest(s) to get the best piece and to make the other(s) settle by saying “the piece we got is better than nothing.”

    And right when the folks the bill’s intended beneficiaries settle for a minority share, someone throws in a mulligan (rider bill) to take a piece that is not even remotely “peach”.

    A great example is the “Farm Bill”. Another is any bill for “education”.
    A small one is the speciality car tag where your cause gets a small piece, the treasury the big piece and they say, it is better than nothing.

    Like a charity, a few pennies on the dollar gets to the real cause, maybe.

  6. Blake says:

    For a second I wondered if DeFazio had actually assaulted Broun, instead of asking him a fair question.

  7. Scott65 says:

    Good ol Park Atlanta just sent me a bill for a parking meter violation from **2008** no joke. I can barely remember everything from last month no less try to remember if I didn’t pay a parking ticket in 2008, nor is there any way to fight it…4 years to send a bill???

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Did they run up four years of extra fines? Is there a bench warrant out for you on this? You should check that out. It would suck to be pulled over for something minor and have to get arrested because the cop has this unpaid ticket in the system.

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