Georgia Secretary of State’s Voter Database Updated

Both my Georgia House and Georgia Senate districts changed.  I have a Democratic Senator?  What the what?

Check your new voter information on the Sec of State My Voter Page.

Anyone else’s change?  …and will it change your participation in the process?  My new Senator does not have opposition this round.


  1. bullFrog says:

    I checked mine over the weekend. It has me in the wrong state house district.

    Also, this will be the fourth consecutive uncontested election in my district.

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      Big surprise.

      I myself have no reason to vote…again.

      My U.S. House Rep has token Democratic opposition (typical) and both my state legislators are unopposed Republicans.

      No wonder GA is in the dumps. These guys keep selling the same the dead horse year after year…then do nothing about it during session so they can reuse the same local campaign rhetoric in the next election.

      • Calypso says:


        Your predicament (shared by others of both parties, I’m sure) got me thinking.

        You could move to a district more in line with your political viewpoint and have the ability to vote for a winning Democrat, but that would get your goal of more Dems in power nowhere. That Dem is in a safe seat and will win whether you vote for him or not. On the other hand, you could stay in your Repub district and tilt at windmills. There will be no closely contested races between an R and a D in state government general elections for many years. Once the primary is over, virtually all races are a foregone conclusion.

        It looks like those of us recently redistricted into districts of the party other than our own are left to twist in the wind. I just was moved from Woodall’s congressional district to Hank ‘Guam’ Johnson’s. It looks as though both you and I are going to be represented by folks who don’t share our views. Welcome to the new reality. That’s what happens when a state is controlled by one party. FSM help us if either party gets a constitutional majority.

  2. Jackster says:

    Aaaaand that is the response the legislature is going for.

    Bridget – out of curiosity, would you ever vote for a Dem, as in this case you have an option?

    • Bridget says:

      I don’t have a choice this round. I’ve never met the guy and honestly have no idea how he votes on the issues I care about. Would I blindly vote Republican or withhold voting for a reasonable Democrat because of their label? No. I’ll meet him, check his voting record, and we’ll see.

      In general, I don’t line up with how a Democratic candidate would vote.

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