Rep. Austin Scott and Domestic Drones

Rep. Austin Scott introduced new legislation, The Preserving Freedom From Unwarranted Surveillance Act (H.R. 5925), that aims to protect citizen’s privacy from unmanned domestic drones.

In an unrelated incident, an unmanned Navy drone crashed in eastern Maryland Monday afternoon. Just how many of these things are already flying around our neighborhoods?

The text of the bill is not available yet. Besides the Border Patrol implications, what will be interesting to see is if the bill includes language that clears up that pesky gray area of “…except while under terrorist attack/suspicion of terrorist activity/etc…” that the Patriot Act, et al., uses to skirt Joe Public’s Fourth Amendment rights.

No mention was made regarding unwelcome advances of TSA agents. /s

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  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Did not read the story, but I would venture that the drone that crashed in Maryland was probably being tested out of Patuxent River NAS, which is where the Navy tests its experimental aircraft. It was most likely NOT on some sort of domestic spy mission.

    Though I fully support Rep. Scott’s bill aimed at tighter restrictions on drone use domestically.

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