Newt Speak: Now 58% Off

When Newt Gingrich suspended his campaign a couple of months ago, one of the observations I made at the time was to re-emphasize that he was a serious candidate, unlike certain other candidates that were on a book tour and accidentally became a front runner for a bit.  I said this:

Critics who held throughout the course of this campaign that Newt was just on an extended book tour must face the reality of Gingrich’s multiple decisions and actions which have had a negative effect on both his current net worth as well as his future earning power.

Now, courtesy of a tweet from the AJC’s “One Man Washington Bureau” Daniel Malloy, (@AJCOnWashington) we have some data to put to the hypothesis:

Newt Gingrich is back on the speaking circuit, but his fees appear to have dropped steeply since he was boasting of charging $60,000 a speech.

The Worldwide Speakers Group is offering Gingrich for speaking events in Washington, D.C. starting at $25,000 per speech, according to a source familiar with his arrangement.

The fees increase from there depending on the location of the event, and Gingrich charges more than $100,000 for speeches in Europe and Asia, the source said.

That puts his speaking fees below James Carville’s and Mike Huckabee’s, which can be seen here, but Gingrich — who is trying to reassemble his private sector empire after a presidential bid that left it in ruins — may be able to make up on volume what he loses on sticker price.

Newt was available for media today at State GOP Headquarters, presumably at a greatly reduced rate approaching free.  We’ll wait for the media who attended to see if we have any other Newt News for the day.


      • Ed says:


        I am going to become a bigtime pol so I can charge $100k for people to have the privilege of hearing me speak… and actually paying… Make three speeches a year then hang out for the other 362 days… that’s the life for me.

  1. Blake says:

    Define “serious candidate.” Serious in intention? (I’d say no to start with, yes once he accidentally became a frontrunner). To be taken seriously, as in he ever had a shot? To be taken seriously, as in he had any good ideas? I’d have to say no to those last two.

  2. seekingtounderstand says:

    The most scary story of the year was the GA Leaders who came and supported Newt

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