Broun Agrees To Debate Challenger. In Macon. Which Is In Another District. But Is Where Simpson Lives.

Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia’s 10th district has agreed to two debates for his primary challenger, Republican Stephen Simpson of Macon.  Macon under current maps is represented by Austin Scott as it is in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. Under new maps Scott will split Bibb County with Sanford Bishop in GA-2. Under neither map is Macon in GA 10. Broun was less than subtle in announcing the location of the two debates via a campaign press release:

Congressman Broun has committed to the following debates:

“WMAZ-TV’s public affairs program ‘Close Up’ in Macon.  Hosted by Randall Savage.  WMAZ serves viewers in the southern portion of the 10th District.  This televised debate will afford many more people the opportunity to see and hear the candidates than an event confined to a local meeting venue.  It is scheduled to air on Saturday, June 30 that noon and Sunday, July 1st at 6:00 a.m.

“WGAU-1340AM in Athens.  Moderated by Tim Bryant, popular and respected radio talkshow host and news anchor on WGAU and WSB.  Voters may tune in their radios or listen online at on Monday, July 2nd  from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

“Congressman Broun hopes that his challenger, Stephen Simpson, will readily agree to join him in these debate opportunities.

Congressman Broun also believes that, since he lives in Oconee County, it is appropriate that one debate will be held in nearby Athens, and, that the other debate will be held in Macon (although outside the 10th District) because that is where Mr. Simpson lives.” (emphasis added, in case your browser doesn’t have the ‘subtle’ font installed)

Game on. Pass the popcorn.


  1. seenbetrdayz says:


    Because I live in Georgia, which is in the United States, which is close to Mexico but also close to Canada, however it is no where near India, we should have the debate in Antarctica.

  2. peachstealth says:

    What’s so unusual? TV signals don’t stop at congressional district lines. I would think WMAZ would be on cable systems in Milledgeville, Sandersville, Wrightsville and Eatonton.

    • Charlie says:

      Nothing is unusual. You have a candidate from Macon running in GA-10. You have a candidate from Mableton running in GA-12. You have a candidate from Jonesboro running in GA-3. Therefore, hard to call it unusual. But voters don’t usually like someone that doesn’t live in their district as Congressman. David Scott being a notable exception, but when he was elected, most residents of GA-13 didn’t even know where GA-13 was.

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