Morning Reads for Monday, June 11th

Here in Georgia…
– Roll Call wonders if Rep. John Barrow and other vulnerable members can beat the odds this fall.
– Gov. Deal has prevented a gas tax hike.
– The ACLU will hold a protest on June 26th in Atlanta against torture.
– There was a free speech victory last week in Valdosta.
– Atlantic Station has banned smoking.
– Rep. Austin Scott has introduced legislation to curb use of unmanned drones.

National stories of interest…
– Barack Obama says the private sector is “doing fine.”
– Romney is already knocking Obama’s comments.
– An early analysis of fall races shows that the GOP will hold the House and possibly take the Senate.
– Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has found $70 billion in unspent federal funding.
– Jeb Bush says Obama should give Dubya a hat-tip on foreign policy.
– Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban won’t prevent New Yorkers from buying a Big Gulp.
– Fitch downgraded Spain.
– Here are the 20 countries with the best chance of defaulting on their debt.
– The favorability of the SCOTUS has dropped.
– “Obama Girl” won’t endorse Obama.
– S&P says the outlook for the US is “negative.”

A few that I like…
– Over 2,000 former football players have filed suit against the NFL over related head injuries. In other news, frequent blows to the head will cause you problems later in life.
– UniWatch looks at MLB uniform oddities.
– The Religious Right turns 33.


  1. A shooting near Auburn killed three including an AU football player from Georgia:

    Edward Christian, 20, an offensive lineman from Valdosta who was redshirted during the last season and was sidelined with back injuries, was killed at the scene, police said.

    Christian graduated from Lowndes High School in 2010 after being named to the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s 2009 Super 11, a list of the 11 standout high school football players selected at the beginning of each season.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Okay, somebody’s gotta kick off this thing, so here I go, sallying forth to start the discussion: Throughout the years there have been many nefarious groups of people who claimed to be the “Ku Klux Klan” or an “affiliated group” — most of whom probably have no clue as to what the name means nor what its origin might be, and are not bona fide. All most people know is colloquialism and things we’ve heard or read in media and seen in movies. I confess that I do not know facts about the actual organization, figure, like most things, the truth must lie somewhere between the two extremes of people who either like it or hate it.

    What I do know is that any group of people who want to help our Adopt A Highway program in these cash strapped times for our state by cleaning both sides of a stretch of road four times a year, plus possibly planting flowers and making our roads more beautiful, are doing a civic good. I believe there are roughly 200 such groups with thousands of people around Georgia who are part of this volunteer program. I don’t care what they call themselves – they can be Yahoodie’s House Cats as far as I’m concerned – as long as they do this public service and are harming no one.

    Would there be any hew and cry, telling them “no!” if the application were from the Black Panthers, SNCC, SCLC, La Raza, La Familia del Norte, the Black Muslims, the Tongs, many other anti-white groups in our country? Brooks suggesting that the program be abolished rather than allow those folks in north Georgia to clean their road is over the top – is he going to recruit thousands of volunteers to take the place of all those presently caring for Georgia roads free of charge? Not likely! I just don’t know where to come down on this thing.

    Now let the debate begin.

      • SallyForth says:

        LOL! Maybe watching TV in air-conditioned jails, working out in the gym and forming gangs to fight with each other? OMG – the outcome of all this may be that you and I have to volunteer. 🙂

        • saltycracker says:

          Much more entertaining to let the KKK walk the roadsides in full dress worrying about those covered Muslim women.

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