Georgia Tech Receives $50 Million Donation; Willing To Trade For More Co-Eds

Seriously Buzz?  You’re going to leave this story hanging around all day so I have to post it:

The donor, Ernest “Ernie” Scheller Jr., graduated from Tech in 1952 with a degree in industrial management. Officials renamed the business school the Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business in his honor.

Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson said the donation had “an unprecedented impact” on the business school.

The gift, when combined with other donations through a corresponding dollar-for-dollar challenge, will more than double the business school’s endowment. Scheller’s donation will be complete in 2013.

The college has used the money to add nine endowed faculty chairs and professorships, six graduate fellowships and 37 undergraduate scholarships, Dean Steve Salbu said.

O.K. Tech folks:  If you add 37 undergrads who are all female, what does that do to the ratio?


  1. As a powerful influential Alum I knew about this early this morning but wasn’t at liberty to post it. I haven’t read the AJC’s website in a number of hours and thus I missed the article.

    Oh and a Tech man has no need to worry about the ratio when he can win the heart of a girl from Oglethorpe.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    By the way, Charlie, the college formerly known as the College of Management is about 50% female already, as is the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. The College of Engineering? Not so much.

    • GTKay says:

      I believe it’s up to 35% female these days. So as the video suggests, the odds are still good…

  3. greencracker says:

    How about “O.K. Tech folks: If you add 9 chairs/profs who are all female, what does that do to the ratio among GT teachers?”

    Hint: it would still suck

  4. Ed says:

    “As a powerful influential Alum”

    Let me guess, we should also see your library which has many leather-bound books?

    If all 37 scholarships go to chicks that means the ratio improves about 3700%, no?

  5. Joshua Morris says:

    We don’t worry about the ‘ratio’; we get good-paying jobs where we hire UGA grads to take out the trash and stuff. The ‘ratio’ is usually pretty good after graduation.

  6. Jackster says:

    As a more recent (management) tech grad than our resident “distinguished alumnus”, let just say that while there are many more girls now in the MGT program… they still have a spot of TBS, which oddly enough makes the “The odds are good but the goods are odd” apply to them as well.

    At least there’s no LARPing in Tech Square yet.

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