Breaking: GOP event to serve BBQ – Join Cobb on the 4th

I know, I know – a barbecue is hardly newsworthy.

But the Cobb 4th of July BBQ is.. kind of a big deal.  You can count on 800-1200 Republicans attending every year.  Last year was Cobb’s first time offering online ticket sales to the BBQ.  I’m particularly proud of my beloved Cobb GOP for stepping up their online game and offering a discount for buying online this year.  Candidates who buy blocks of tickets for volunteers should like this.  Mmm, fiscal conservatism at it’s best 😉

This year we are selling tickets differently than we have done in the past.  You can now go online and purchase your tickets.  YOU WILL SAVE $5 ON EVERY ADULT TICKET YOU PURCHASE ONLINE.  Online an adult ticket is $10 (age 12 and up), and a child’s ticket is $5 (ages 6 through 11).  If you wait to purchase your tickets at the door, an adult ticket is $15 and a child’s ticket is still $5.

So, make your plans to join us after the Marietta Independence Day Parade at Jim Miller Park, the home of the North Georgia State Fair.  We will kick it off when folks from the parade make it out to the park, which is usually about 11:30 A.M.

To purchase your Independence Day Celebration & BBQ tickets NOW, click HERE.

Candidates wishing to sponsor the event, contact Johnell Woody at 770-331-0016.

Businesses wishing to sponsor the event, contact Barbara Hickey at 404-276-0808.


So, how important is online, social media, and text marketing becoming in winning campaigns?  Is this how the GOP gets more young people pulled into the base?


  1. Calypso says:

    If Williamson Bros. dumps bunches of veggies in the Brunswick stew (thereby rendering it vegetable soup) Lawton said he’d come.

    • Bridget says:

      There’s room for all of God’s animals… right next to the mashed potatoes. I kid, I kid.

      The GOP is going green though. No paper tickets will be printed at all.

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