On 640 WGST This Morning

I’ll be on Atlanta’s WGST this morning with Rob Johnson just after the 8:30am news break.  I believe we’ll be discussing how much it takes to get a re-zoning request sponsored by a Gwinnett commissioner.  They’re at 640 on the AM dial.


  1. Baker says:

    Sounded good Charlie.

    “I wish people would pay more attention at the local level”

    Bingo. What happens in D.C. is certainly important and will affect you in the years to come. What happens locally will affect you next week.

  2. Baker says:

    And btw, I think someone is putting drugas into the water at Gwinnett Commission meetings. You’d think with all the trouble already, they’d make sure their noses are clean as a whistle. (insert coca reference here)

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