Georgia College Republicans Aid In Governor Walker’s Win

25 College Republicans from across the state of Georgia traveled up to Wisconsin, the trip was funded by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, in order to help Republicans battling against being recalled.  They were up in Wisconsin from May 31st through June 4th.  They walked the streets targeting 5200 homes and contributed 2500 calls to the phone banking effort within a 60 hour period.  It’s been my experience, both in and now out of the organization, that Georgia’s College Republicans have been an essential part to winning a tight race.  The CRs worked hard in Congressman Austin Scott’s race to beat former Congressman Jim Marshall in 2010 and spent a total of 7000 hours campaigning for the Republican ticket in 2010 as well.

Congratulations to the Georgia College Republicans for your hard work.  Tuesday’s election victory is certainly proof of your reputation as well as a job well done.


  1. Max Power says:

    IRS Regulation 1.501(c)(4)–1(a)(2)(ii) The promotion of social welfare does not include participation in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any political candidate.

    I guess the we’re really entering a wild west of campaigning where the law means nothing.

    • Nathan says: (02-08-1999)
      Intervention in Political Campaigns

      1. The promotion of social welfare does not include participation in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any political candidate. Reg. 1.501(c)(4)–1(a)(2)(ii). An exempt IRC 501(c)(4) organization may intervene in political campaigns as long as its primary activity is the promotion of social welfare. IRC 501(c)(4) organizations are subject to the tax imposed by IRC 527 on any expenditure for a political activity that comes within the meaning of IRC 527(e)(2). See Rev. Rul. 81–95, 1981–1 C.B. 332.

      2. The rules determining what constitutes intervention in a political campaign for an IRC 501(c)(4) organization are the same as those governing IRC 501(c)(3) organizations.

      3. An organization whose exempt status under IRC 501(c)(3) is revoked for intervention in a political campaign may not thereafter qualify for exemption under IRC 501(c)(4). See IRC 504.

      • Max Power says:

        Are you trying to say with a straight face that FFC’s primary purpose in sending the kids to Wisconsin was the promotion of social welfare and not the re-election of a particular set of candidates? I bet they couldn’t tell these guys from the man in the moon except for the (R) next to their name.

  2. AMB says:

    Blatant right wing propaganda coming from “Veterans charities” soliciting funds to defeat Obama. Preachers telling their congregations how to vote.
    It’s time to revoke a lot of tax exempt statuses and property tax exemptions. Tax them all back to charities and churches.

  3. I Miss the 90s says:

    Yeah, job well done. After all, it must have been the 25 volunteers (not the $31million, 7-to-1 spending advantage enjoyed by Walker) that won the race.

      • I Miss the 90s says:

        And who ever said there was a liberal media bias. Looky her, a right Wing media bias. Adding bias does not make fairness.

        Either way, like you have said elsewhere chuck, elections are about more than which side wins.

        I will add, though, it is sad to see people root for unemployment for political reasons. You are doing just that. You are rooting for the laying off of.America’s heroes. What if this were the year 2000? Do you really want to strip nypd and nyfd of their rights and lay them off to score political points? You should be ashamed.

        When republican governors lay-off state employees it cuts into employment statistics. No wonder we only added less than 100,000 jobs to the market last month. You right wingers want nothing mire than the misery of millions get a RINO in the White House.

        Shame on all of you.

        • Charlie says:

          Wow, multiple attempts to create false moral equivalence and debate twenty new topics as a backlash to being called bitter.

          Please keep the tears coming, I’m not quite full yet.

          • I Miss the 90s says:

            The moral equivalence is not false, but I was trying my best to sound like a non-right wing version of Glenn Beck. The right wing is so much better at misinformation than the left.

            I did mean what I said though. The private sector is fine ( The public sector is the part of the economy in decline and collective bargaining rights are one of the few protections “america’s heroes” have. If they were republicans, none of this would matter. They aren’t though, and the GOP would rather disable their ability to participate in politics for electoral reasons than treat them like everyone else.

            • Charlie says:

              I think you have this confused with an undergrad poli-sci class, where you continue changing the topic so long as you can project outrage.

              You lost Wisconsin. You’re bitter. Duly noted. End of discussion.

            • Calypso says:

              You also throw the term ‘heroes’ around rather loosely. -1 for lack of credibility.

              • I Miss the 90s says:

                Whatever. I did not lose Wisconsin, Tom Barrett did. And I never expected Walker to lose. I would just like for everyone to see the election for what it was. It is not a reflection of what is going on in the country as a whole, the election was bought (which is fine), and Barrett lost for predictable reasons (he really only had negative support).

                I do throw the term ‘heroes’ around loosely. First responders and teachers are not heroes…I was just framing them as such to make a point (which fell on deaf ears).

                • Calypso says:

                  When you use the term ‘heroes’ to mean any garbageman, pencil-pushing state employee or anyone else that may be in a public union, then yes, the point falls on deaf ears, and rightfully so.

                  • I Miss the 90s says:

                    state employees are not “heroes,” but neither are most first responders and most veterans aren’t either. It was rhetoric, plain and simple.

                    None of that changes the fact that 1) cutting government budgets almost always results in lay-offs (higher unemployment), 2) there is nothing wrong with idea of public sector employees unionizing (it is actually a good thing for the economy and the government), and 3) the GOP has been rooting against economic recovery since Nov. 5 2008 (the GOP has rejected the President’s jobs bills, pretended he never made a proposal, and then have had the audacity to not propose their own jobs bill).

                    I will not go so far as accusing the GOP’s governors and corporate contributors of sabotage, but it is in their political interest to do so.

    • Calypso says:

      @ I Miss the 90s–You suck at math as well as politics:

      With more than a year’s head start, the campaign for successful incumbent Gov. Scott Walker spent more than $47 million, according to McCabe. The losing Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, spent $19 million.

      • I Miss the 90s says:

        I am not bitter. I just think that pundits should recognize when elections are bought rather than pretending that the recall was a nationalized event. Wisconsin will still go Obama and this is a non-starter.

        Suck at math. I have a real job and simply go by what is reported in the media on matters of fundraising. Every media outlet, including fox, has stated what I typed in the above post. If it is incorrect and you have an official source please post it. McCabe is not an official source (not that it matters, walker will lose reelection).

        Suck at politics, what a laugh. You must find it inconvenient to separate what is going to happen from what you want to happen.

        Trust me, when you spend as much as I do on campaigns and lobbying…by definition you are good at politics. The recipe is simple: be a capitalist (by which I mean being mostly a nihilist) and have enough money to hire a lobbying firm to get a job done. Anything less and your just another schmuck.

        Trust me, politics works out great for me. Why? I am rich, educated, and in healthcare research. Hello grant dollars.

        • I Miss the 90s says:

          I aol also add.that if you want cures for diseases rather then donate to universities and other non-profits.

          The private sector has no profit incentive to make cures. Nyquil makes more money than a cold vaccine ever would. Why? A vaccine is a one time thing. Nyquil has millions of repeat customers.

          • I Miss the 90s says:

            Wow, I had a little too much whisky last night. That first line in the 1:20am post should not have the word “rather” in it.

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