Morning Reads for Thursday, June 7th

Yes, it’s Thursday, not Friday. I need more sleep.

Here in Georgia…
– In case you haven’t seen it, here is Atlanta’s TSPLOST list (PDF).
– The Feds may cap housing official salaries.
– Joe Henchman goes through some of the top state tax trends during the tough economic climate (you have to check back daily to see the latest).
– Macon will host the filming of a new flick about Jackie Robinson.
– The Sweet Auburn district in Atlanta is endangered.

National stories of interest…
– Peter Suderman goes over the latest CBO report on long-term budget issues.
– Scott Walker’s victory wasn’t about the money.
– The Fix has the winners and losers from the Wisconsin recall election.
– It’s gonna be a close Senate race in Virginia.
– Doug Mataconis explains the problems with the Paycheck Fairness Act.
– House Republicans plan to introduce a domestic energy plan.
– WaPo has posted a new fact check on spending growth under Obama.
– The federal government plans to sell off stock in several banks.
– Mitch Daniels is still pushing for a truce in the GOP on social issues.
– The Supreme Court will take up California’s Proposition 8.
– ObamaCare’ medical device tax is putting people out of work.
– American Crossroads is slamming Obama on the debt with a $7 million ad buy.
– Doug Bandow argues that Congress should cut spending by going after “sacred cows.”
Bill Clinton and Larry Summers say that the Bush tax cuts should be temporarily extended.
– New Yorkers oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s latest nanny state crusade.
– Not every country on the Euro is struggling.
– Ilya Shapiro explains Obama’s constitutional problems.

A few that I like…
– Facebook ads aren’t working well.
– Penn Jillete chats with The Blaze about atheism.
– Have a LinkedIn account? You may want to change your password.
– Taco Bell is getting classy, or something.
– Half of senior citizens are now online.
– Timothy Lee isn’t a fan of Comcast.
– Miss the transit of Venus? Watch it here.


  1. saltycracker says:

    The Feds might not like a $600,000 income for an AHA bureaucrat but big public salaries are what we love, next to retiring them well and early. After all, the public workers need lots of supervision and the public interests need lots of watching over.

  2. John Konop says:

    The Bush tax cut is just another form of stimulus with no real plan. The Scott Walker demonstrated what needs to be done with Medicare. The Medicare issue makes the public pension issue look like a rounding error. It seems the majority of people are willing to make cuts as long as it does not affect them. I do feel bad for people promised the pensions, Medicare….but at the end of the day many of us are at fault for wanting something for nothing and voting for it.

    Medicare with healthcare cost rising 5 to 10 times faster than GDP and SS with a dismal savings rate for seniors is what we are all avoiding with gimmicks and BS……..

    We must tackle the above problem while trying to grow an economy with a middle class wobbled by globization ie cheap overseas labor. And we have infrastructure that needs a facelift ASAP to compete with China, Brazil……

    We need the following ASAP:

    We need end the Medicare Part D being subsidized by tax payers and just let seniors buy drugs for the VA at 60 percent off.

    We need to decriminalize many drugs not only would we save billions on enforcement ( over 50 percent of prisons filled with non violent drug offenders) we tax it and make billions.

    We need to end the policemen of the world foriegn policy that we cannot afford.

    We need to reform Medicare and SS ASAP via combination of cuts, indexing………

    We must invest into infrastructure ASAP from electronic grid, rail,ports……..

    We must reform our trade policy and start enforcing violations ie patent laws, currency manipulation, slave labor conditions……..

    We must implement public exchanges for healthcare ASAP saving small business and individuals 20 percent on healthcare.

    We must create competition to oil companies and stop promoting a monopoly on energy. By subsidizing oil companies we are not helping the problem we are only hurting competition.

    We must realize the following above reforms will not work overnight.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Walker won for only one reason: guns.

    Rurals, who typically only vote in 10-20% volumes, can easily be riled up when an ‘anti-gun’ (meaning someone who supported the Assault Weapon Ban) candidate is pitted against a ‘pro-gun’
    (“supports” 2nd Amendment generalist) is pitted against each other.

    Gun Fear (both sides use Gun Fear, to be accurate) is what set the stage for The Stolen Election of 2000™: Southern Missourians were bombarded with “anti-gun” advertising, causing the rural of Missouri to flock to the polls, losing Missouri to King George 2, and setting up the debacle known as “The Hanging Chads”.

    You could say that the anti-gun lobby shot themselves in the foot.

    Walker won because he carried the Simple Folk Vote™, who, like all other Simple Folk™ are scared into voting against something they can never EVER comprehend: to do what is best for the country over what your well financed fear factory dictates “what is best”.

    If these people ever wake up to the manipulation and propaganda spewing from The Right™..well..may your god have mercy on those of you who still possess a soul. For they all have guns, thanks to you.

    • ted in bed says:

      Perhaps, Gallup found gun ownership increased by 7 to 8% among women and democrats, in ONE year. The sooner the Democrats and their willing enablers in the Republican party start repealing gun control en-mass, the sooner they’ll win elections. Shall not be infringed means SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

  4. Jackster says:

    Well here’s the thing about gun laws: They really don’t apply to you if you already have a gun.

    The trick is – don’t draw unless you intend to shoot someone.

  5. SallyForth says:

    Need to cap housing authority salaries? Ya think?! Atlanta’s HA director Glover paid herself $644,214 per year – REALLY?? Los Angeles $606,320, Philadelphia $417,688, followed by Chelsea, Mass. with a measley $357,635 — but Glover blew the doors off, raked in the most in the country for the year reported, 2010. Her response to media questions was that included a bunch of bonuses and payment for accrued and unused vacation and sick leave (I don’t know about everybody else, but my professional experience has always been that if you don’t use it before 12/31, you lose it – but not in Housing Authority land!). The following year she didn’t get bonuses or vacation payouts, had to settle for her base pay of $325,000. Boo hoo hoo….

    If the feds do NOT put a cap on how much these greedy people are paying themselves out of our tax money, it will be an outrage. Local housing authorities are supposed to be merely responsible conduits for federal funds to help poor people have a place to live – just imagine how many poverty-stricken little old ladies in tennis shoes could have been helped by all that money.

    And this did not even scratch the surface; just think how many millions collectively are going into the pockets of other administrative people – all the assistant directors, assistants to the assistants, etc. on down the line of paper shufflers. This is ridiculous! Have these people no shame? Administrators should be paid moderate, reasonable salaries as public servants, in order to maximize the number of needy people who can be helped each year – the purpose of having a housing authority in the first place.

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