Is Our Leaders Committed To Education?

Denis O’Hayer at WABE interviewed State Sen. Fran Millar and State Rep. Brooks Coleman, Republicans who chair the Education Committees of their respective bodies. Listen to either the broadcast version or the extended LP version at this link.

The question was “Are Georgia’s Leaders Committed to Education?” to which former Democratic candidate for State School Superintendent had said “No” in an essay published here. As you can imagine, Sen. Millar and Rep. Coleman each had a different answer.

We all know that if our elected state officials aren’t committed, they should be. Immediately.



  1. ryanhawk says:

    My favorite iteration: “Our Leaders Is Committing Education” … especially in Gwinnett. Now if citizens would just pay some #$%^[email protected]% attention and vote accordingly…

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Is Our Leaders Committed To Education?”

    Of course are leaders our committed 2 educateson, don’t b selly!

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “We all know that if our elected state officials aren’t committed, they should be. Immediately.”

    By the looks of the insanity of a typical session of the Georgia General Assembly it looks like our elected state officials are already very much “committed”….To the insane asylum.

  4. Jackster says:

    Well to me, the interview centered around these two legislatures placing responsibility for funding or the lack there of on anyone except the state.

    Specifically, it’s either the local school board’s responsibility, or it’s obama’s fault for diverting state funds for something else. (Healthcare, no child left behind, etc.)

    So the answer here is “Well we’re committed, but it’s not our problem”.

    Kind of the same way a great deal of legislatures give lip service to “Supporting our troops.”

    They support our children.

  5. Skyler Akins says:

    Am I the only person who noticed the subject-verb agreement error in the title of this blog post?

    Or the irony that such post is on Education?

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