Greetings from Savannah

I feel honored to be asked to come on board as a regular contributor to Peach Pundit.

I’ve been writing columns as a freelancer for over a decade for the Savannah Morning News. My two City Talk columns each week deal with a wide range of hyperlocal issues — everything from the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project to new downtown restaurants, from long-term demographic trends to traffic and parking flashpoints. I’ve come to feel passionately about good urban design and great public spaces.

I also write the Man About Town column for Thursday’s SMN entertainment pullout section. I’m a big booster of Savannah’s growing live music scene and was an early public advocate for the likes of the Savannah Music Festival, Savannah Film Festival, and Savannah Stopover.

All of my SMN columns are aggregated here.

I’m also a fulltime English instructor at Armstrong Atlantic State University, a hidden gem in the Southeast. I teach primarily first-year composition classes and pick up some of the  journalism courses.

In January 2011, I started my own blog — Savannah Unplugged — as an additional outlet for a wide range of work and ideas that didn’t fit my newspaper columns. Plus I had gotten really tired of providing all that free content to Facebook.

I’m an economic wonk, so don’t be surprised if I routinely delve into the data in monthly releases from the state’s departments of labor and revenue. I closely follow housing data as well. The only blog that I consult more often than Peach Pundit is the data-driven Calculated Risk. (I even won CR’s May contest for economic forecasts.)

And I suspect that I’ll be routinely trying to give some sense of the Savannah/coastal perspective(s) on various statewide issues.

I started reading Peach Pundit regularly during the recession, as it became more and more obvious that Savannah’s economic fortunes were deeply entwined with those of the state as a whole.

I grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky, and later attended Washington University in St. Louis. I lived for a time in northern Massachusetts and in Philadelphia. I moved to Savannah in 1995 as a middle school teacher.

My email is billdawers[at] I’m also on Twitter.



  1. Calypso says:

    Hey Bill, I look forward to your perspectives on the deepening of the the harbor. And since you mentioned your interest in traffic and parking flash points, as a semi-regular visitor to your fair city I must say your parking sucks, and the draconian measures used to enforce your sucky parking sucks too. Same for Tybee Island.

    Other than that, I sure enjoy my visits to Savannah. Glad to have you a a front-pager.

  2. oompaloompa says:

    Hooray! A Savannah boy activist on the blogroll. So happy you’re here! Welcome, Welcome.

    I suggest one foot at a time into the deep. And sleep with one eye open! 🙂
    Actually things are pretty quiet around here these days. Most of the kids have grown up and moved on. Glad to have your contribution!

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