Tom Graves For Veep?

At least that’s what one politico in Ellijay is trying to promote according to Dave Williams over at the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Early Mitt Romney backer Joe McCutchen, a political newsletter writer from Ellijay, has been hitting the cable and radio talk show circuits in recent days to promote the advantages of a Romney-Graves ticket.

“We are actually promoting eight years of Romney and eight years of Graves,” McCutchen said of the Graves camp, which also includes Dalton Mayor David Pennington. “I think Graves will be incredibly helpful to electing Mitt Romney.”

Graves, R-Ranger, does bring some positives to the table that could help the former Massachusetts governor.

Graves is a Tea Party favorite, having scored a 100 rating from the conservative Club for Growth last year, one of only nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives with a perfect mark.

I like Tom and believe he’s doing a great job for our district, but I’ve never been an advocate of elevating someone fresh in a new position to yet another new position (and I don’t believe the VP slot would be very effective position…see the quote attributed to Vice President John Nance Garner about the office).  I’ve said and believe the same thing about Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.  Personally, I’d like to keep both Representative Graves and Senator Rubio in the House and Senate, respectively, and continue to write and pass conservative legislation and move up through the ranks of leadership where they can affect policy more directly.  We need strong conservatives in both chambers in Congress, and I believe both men have a lot of potential in their respective chambers.  Not to mention, I really wouldn’t want to go through a number of elections to replace Tom like we did back in 2010…

However, I have no doubt that the Congressman would be flattered to receive a call from Governor Romney about the matter.  Let your speculation fly around in the comments.


    • Lawton Sack says:

      Hotel and bank loan. Hotel and bank loan. Hotel and bank loan. Maybe we can ask Romney for some new talking points in regards to Tom Graves.

      • Will, the Winner! says:

        Well when you have done absolutely nothing in your career there is nothing to talk about. Can someone tell me what Graves did for a living before living off the bank loan on the hotel? Crickets…..crickets……

    • saltycracker says:

      And maybe Graves can then get Jack Murphy to head the Fed Reserve or Treasury Sec ?

  1. debbie0040 says:

    Joe Biden served in the Senate for years and look what a fiasco he has made as VP. I will take Rubio or Graves any day of the week over someone as “experienced” as Joe Biden..

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Seriously Debbie?

      The Tea Party is for fiscal responsibility isnt it? Tom Graves is the ANTITHESIS of what your organization stands for. His shady financial dealings (that have cost TAXPAYERS money) coupled with his absurd explanation of things (Well the bank shouldnt have given us the money) should be pushing you far away from supporting him.

      I cannot believe you would support him being anywhere close to the White House. That makes you seem less credible.

  2. GTKay says:

    Nathan, I agree with you. When everyone was begging Chris Christie to run, I felt it would be a huge mistake. We need Christie to finish his term, and maybe a second, so that the country can see conservative fiscal policy turn New Jersey around. We need Paul Ryan right where he is to prove that conservative economic policies are good for America. I though Dick Cheney was an excellent vice president because of the role he played as an advisor to Bush, but taking someone effective out an important position, especially one he/she was elected to, to be the VP would be a waste in my opinion.

  3. Romney is going to go with a female or a minority, to bring more voters over to his side. That’s the whole purpose of the VP in today’s world, and Graves is too male, too white, and too southern to change the race. So I say 97% no way.

    BUT, who knows. Romney’s Press Secretary is a 31-year-old Jewish girl from Dalton whose daddy is worth billions. Maybe money talks enough to also elevate Dalton’s US Congresman to VP. But I highly doubt it.

    — LU

    • ted in bed says:

      Allen West would be the perfect VP choice.

      Picking Rubio, Ryan, Christie, Walker, etc. would leave a hole in the field. Each one is in a critical position to move conservative legislation and equivalent substitutes are not available.

      I’d love to see a Tea Party/Conservative challenger to Chambliss. From supporting Amnesty to the prescription drug benefit to the various wars in the middle east and his undercutting of the House budget negotiators, Chambliss has proven himself at best a go-along get-along politician and at worse an enabler of big government.

      So my vote, is for Rep. Graves to run for Senate!

      • Calypso says:

        While I realize today’s role for a VP during a campaign is to be an attack dog, West is too incendiary and fringe-ish for my liking. I fear he would do more alienating that atracting.

  4. drjay says:

    not to completely geek out this morning, but in another time, someone like graves might actually be seriously considered (west is a 1st term congressmen, and the media at least seems to serious think he’s on the list) in 68, bush 41 lobbied hard behind the scenes to be nixon’s vp after 1 term in the house. from what i understand carter, halfway through his guv term in 72, let it be known he was “available” if mcgovern wanted to talk about the vp spot…and carter himself nearly picked john glenn (yes he was a hero astronaut and all) but he was also less than 2 years into his initial term in the senate…and if you go way back a state senator that was a state party chair ended up on mckinley’s ticket in 1896…

    • David C says:

      Oh, Jimmy. Carter somehow angled for the Veep job even though he also led the “Stop McGovern” movement at the same time. It’s funny how that worked out though, given a) McGovern couldn’t give that spot away, one reason he ended up with the Eagleton disaster, and b) Carter continued badmouthing McGovern and his chances all through ’72, something McGovern holds against him (pretty much still hates him) to this day.

      As to picking short termerse for the Veep, I think there’s one precedent you didn’t mention that’s on Romney’s mind the most, namely what happened four years ago, after another GOP nominee picking a certain politico who’d only been on the job a year and a half.

        • ted in bed says:

          In her defense, she accomplished alot in that 1 year and a 1/2 and her presence on the ticket brought out conservatives to vote for the despicable Sen. McAmnesty.

          Without her, McAmnesty would have been creamed. He might have even lost Georgia without her. Remember, Chambliss that year didn’t get above 50% and had to go through a run off.

        • Calypso says:

          It’s comments like this that make folks question the wisdom and intelligence of other comments you make.

          In other words, dumb-assed comments make you look bad.

            • Calypso says:

              Not all. As a matter of fact, if you read my previous comment above I say, “While I realize today’s role for a VP during a campaign is to be an attack dog, West is too incendiary and fringe-ish for my liking. I fear he would do more alienating that atracting.”

              My comments about Graves and his motel loan debacle have been made in previous threads.

              My comment to you was that when you say Manson is preferable to either of these two guys, you sound silly. If you were being hyperbolic, it was lost on me, Charlie, and perhaps other readers.

              • GTKay says:

                Wait, you said no math.

                He could have used the old standby, Hitler. I think the change is refreshing.

                • Calypso says:

                  Just remember f(x)=1/x and you’ll do fine.

                  I think sunkawakan wanted to illustrate his point using someone more contemporary than Hitler, not to mention more alive.

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