Governor Scott Walker Projected To Win Recall In Wisconsin

Fox News and CNN are projecting a win for both Republican Governor Scott Walker and Republican Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin.  This win (and possibly a comfortable margin at that at the time of this writing) may show that some normally leaning-Democrat states could possibly be toss-up states come November.  Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart issued this statement:

“I would like to personally congratulate Governor Scott Walker on his victory in today’s gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin. The voice of the Badger State was heard loud and clear at the polls: Governor Walker’s stellar record of job creation, tax reduction and bold reform has truly changed the way that Wisconsin does business, and voters have taken notice.

“From Georgia to Wisconsin, Republican Governors continue to champion pro-jobs policies, while simultaneously growing the economy and shrinking the size of government through common-sense reforms. As we move forward towards November and beyond, it is my sincere hope that our Party continues to elect strong, bold leaders in the likeness of Governor Walker from the top of the ticket to the very bottom.”

Consider this your late night recall election return watching OPEN THREAD.


  1. Baker says:

    Man what an awesome use of taxpayer money that was. Plenty of union dues money too. Someone look at the amount of Dem money raised in 2004, 2008, and 2012 and compare. Can they go back to that well so soon after raising all that money for this election? Methinks Obama is in trouble in the Badger State.

  2. Calypso says:

    All the GOP state senators that were in a recall today won as well.

    An old fashioned ass-whoopin’ I’d say.

  3. Bloodhound says:

    Lt. Gov. Kleefisch won also! Last night on Greta was the first time I had the opportunity to hear her speak and I thought she was quite impressive!

  4. ChuckEaton says:

    For those in the DPG, who had been hoping Obama was going to operate a campaign here in GA, this is probably bad news.

  5. elfiii says:

    My favorite moment was when the lady slapped Barrett to sleep.

    Schadenfreude is so delicious!!! 🙂

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