Georgia 12 Debate Snippets

I’ll re-cap the debate in more detail later.  A 1:30 am home arrival combined with morning meetings mean truncated posting for now.

Two items of note:

1) Much of the debate centered on agreement between the candidates on most issues.  There was quite a bit of sparring between Rick Allen and Wright McLeod on the next to the last question asked.  Each got to air charges, defenses, and counter charges over the ethics complaint Allen’s team launched regarding McLeod’s disclosures and over each’s former support for Democrats.

Earlier in the Debate, McLeod answered the question of his vote in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Preference Primary by saying he voted for Governor Bill Richardson.  Allen’s team is sending out emails this morning claiming that McLeod’s precinct has no recorded votes for Richardson during that primary.

So, the sparring between the two continues.

2) There was a straw poll.  Of the roughly 156 headcount in attendance, 102 voted.

Wright McLeod  55

Maria Sheffield  32

Lee Anderson  11

Rick Allen  4

Make of that what you will.  I’m late for a meeting.



  1. oompaloompa says:

    It doesn’t speak to me as much about Wright and Maria as it does about Lee Anderson. Clearly his support is only coming from leadership at the gold dome and not from his own back yard. Pathetic. Take notice. And all the good ole boys at the dome need to think long and hard about a debate between a trial lawyer and a farmer who speaks softly and half the time incoherently. Put your emotional ties to the side and think about this realistically. If you press the box for a John Deere tractor logo you are forgetting about how the man sitting on that tractor will fare on a GPTV debate up against a seasoned trial lawyer. If that is where you plan to vote, you can kiss your vote goodbye. 2 more years of pink pants.

    So we are supposed to trust Wright McLeod with the nation’s debt crisis and military spending when he can’t even manage to get his disclosures filed appropriately and when he does try to correct it, voters are still left scratching their heads as to what exactly he filed? So much for transparency. Come on Holly. You’ve been around the shenanigans of politics long enough to know this was going to be an issue. Why not just list each employee’s name on the disclosure like every other candidate that has gone before you? What are you hiding? And where was your damage control before the press ever picked this up? Wreckless.

    Poor showing of supporters for Rick Allen. If he can’t energize his base, how will he energize dem/independents?

    I guess D.C. should have taken a harder look at Maria Sheffield when she met with them the first time. However, once she clinches the nomination, no doubt they will be Johnny come lately. And better late than never. Initially I was not sure Maria, Kat and Brandon could pull this off, knowing what a battle lay ahead for them facing Barrow. Looks like they are gaining momentum. Hope they have the budget to hammer Barrow in advertising after the primary.

    ok, hit me. I am waiting for the punches. And hooray for me – I can honestly say I have not committed to any candidate in this race.

    • kingcurtis04 says:

      I’m not sure where you live, but I live in Harlem and Lee Anderson has
      a ton of support here and in Columbia County. Nobody pretends that
      he is some great speaker. Is that really how we choose candidates
      though? We see how that’s working out for us in the White House….. I mean and really how many voters of GA-12 were really watching this debate??? BTW im still confused why Maria is in this race? Shes not from around here?

      • roberta13 says:

        You are mistaken, Maria was raised in this area and many, many voters know her to be an honest, hardworking person. You don’t have to be an excellent speaker to get into politics but it does help if you know what the issues are.

  2. ricstewart says:

    If memory serves, Mike Horner got more votes at the same debate two years ago than Rick Allen got last night. I was a little surprised at that.

    Also, I’m a conservative who has voted for and donated to several Democratic candidates. When Republican candidates criticize their fellow candidates for occasionally donating to/voting for Democrats, they’re also criticizing me and plenty of Georgia voters like me.

  3. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I’ve talked to several political consultants following that race and no one seems to know what is really going on and everyone has a different idea as to who is the “real” frontrunners are.

    From my info, I thought McLeod had the urban areas and Lee was (supposed) to have support from the folks he used to represent as state legislator. But Lee’s problem is that he comes off as a bumbling fool, and McLeod can be effectively painted as the slick “trial lawyer.” But b/c Maria has very little money, its hard to tell what happends when the candidates start taking their message from the small scale political activist types to the masses(who are largely tuned out at this point) by blasting the airwaves with ads

    Charlie, did you see any evidence of any of the campaigns Ron Pauling the straw poll by filling the room with friendlies.

    Mark (if you still read PP)…..My question is why hasn’t there been a recent poll released in this crucial race and are you planning on doing one(pretty please)….

    • ricstewart says:

      I think you summed up the race as accurately and succinctly as anyone has.

      I was at the event last night, and there didn’t seem to be any large-scale “Ron Pauling” of the straw poll. Of course, each campaign had their staff (or at least part of their staff) in attendance, so obviously that had some affect on the outcome, but not to the extent that Maria’s campaign suggested in their press release this morning. Wright McCleod clearly had the largest staff in attendance, but there didn’t seem to be many more of his folks in attendance than any other debate so far this year. Maria has pretty strong support from the TEA Party faithful in Toombs-Montgomery. All in all, I think it was a somewhat neutral audience going into the debate.

  4. roberta13 says:

    I have never seen a harder working group then the one working for Maria Sheffield, she has a blessing in Brandon. As far as the voting, people like McLeod who bring over 30 staffer and family members are going to get a higher showing. I just met Maria this year at Coffee County Republican meeting and it is refreshing to meet a real conservative who loves the regular people, who really lives her faith, does not backstab her opponents and is a great debator. I believe she will have NO problem beating Barrow. The tractor man did not even know what the federal reserve was….that concerns me.

    • kingcurtis04 says:

      Yeah Maria did good in the debate…. has a hard working team… blah blah, but shes obviously looking to become a career politician… I mean if you’re not from this area and you move here just to run thats the only thing on your mind. She knows nothing about this area. Its funny to look at her Facebook and see how “she loves Augusta”. Lets be for real she doesnt love Augusta or GA-12 she is just here to run for office.

      • roberta13 says:

        She was raised in this area, you need to do some background checking and not believe everything that comes out of her opponents mouths. Have you talked to her? Do you know her background? WHAT? She’s not one of the “home boys” that have been in office for years?

        • kingcurtis04 says:

          Yeah I know her background…. she ran for an office… lost…. moved here to run for another office… and will prob lose. End of story.

          • roberta13 says:

            LOL at least she isn’t sitting on her butt letting RINO’s get in office without doing something, have you ever heard that you don’t quit when your heart knows what it needs to do? and by the way, why such a bitter spirit?

            • roberta13 says:

              and why not reply to my “important” information I put on here instead of just bashing people that you really don’t know?

  5. Calypso says:

    Let’s not forget that Maria Sheffield is of the John Oxendine, Tim Echols cabal. That, in and of itself, is enough to turn me against her.

    • John Konop says:

      Why still bash OX? OX was not perfect but who is? You make many thoughtful comments on this site, why do so many of you still bash the guy?

      • Charlie says:

        There’s a difference between “was not perfect” and being part of a systematic expansion of a crime syndicate. Ox began his campaign by laundering money through Alabama PACs, denying he knew the guy who set up said PACs while later shooting someone on his land while hunting, delaying the ethics charges during the campaign claiming they were politically motivated, then seeking their dismissal once the election was complete because the statute of limitations had expired.

        Let’s not forget the money mis-appropriated by his Daddy at the Warm Springs foundation amounting to roughly 25% of their annual budget so that another board member who was a lobbyist bragging about his close relationship to Ox could receive payments for no apparent lobbying work.

        Sorry, but Ox or any extension of his ilk (**Cough, Tim Echols, Cough**) need to be kept as far away from any government cookie jar as possible. If that means reminding our readers of this at every opportunity, then so be it.

      • Calypso says:

        John, thanks for your compliment about some of my previous comments here, but I side with Charlie’s statements on this issue.

        I see it not so much as ‘bash[ing] Ox’ but rather a forewarning to others regarding some of his followers and their ties to him.

    • roberta13 says:

      Why are you bashing her for the way others act? Is that not what is wrong with America? No one bothers anymore to really talk to someone and find out who they are and what they really believe instead they listen to gossip?

  6. roberta13 says:

    Wright said in the debate that he voted for Richardson? So how come there is no votes for Richardson in his precinct that year? People need to hold these candidates feet to the fire and research what they say to see if its true or not

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