From Parts Unknown

…Intown Atlanta, that is.

I’m a good democrat, defined in Georgia as one who votes for republicans less than 50% of the time.

I was born in this fine state, and other than brief stints in New York and DC, I’ve called it my home. I went to Wake Forest (back when it was cheap), Georgia State (back before football), and University of Georgia Law school (back when it was good).

In my past I was a Capitol Hill staffer for Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Denise Majette (remember when?)  before working statewide races in Georgia for four years.

I was the Finance Director for Mark Taylor’s run for Governor in 2006, a Finance Consultant to Jim Martin’s Lieutenant Governor campaign in the same cycle, and in the previous cycle, I was Deputy Communications Director for Denise Majette’s Senate run.

So I am used to being on the losing end of statewide campaigns. To be a Democratic Operative in Georgia, you have to stomach losing and make compromises. After 2006, I decided I was done doing both (at the same time anyway).

So I occasionally consult, and otherwise limit my involvement to fundraising. Toward that end, I am the Vice Chairman of the Civil Justice PAC, and, as of this post, a member of the Democratic Party of Georgia Finance Committee.

In my spare time, I am an Employment Attorney and play that most socialist of sports, soccer.

Other socialist endeavors in which I am secondarily involved include urban planning, transportation, and complaining.

I am a longtime reader and commenter on this site and I am very excited to be more involved.

Should you enjoy following people on the twitter, I can be found at @StefanTurk.

If 140 characters are too limiting, my email is turkheimer [at]

So, let’s get after it!




  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    Welcome! Do you really play soccer, or was that a joke? I sincerely hope it was the latter.

    • On a related note, my German boss asked me not long ago why Americans call one of our most popular sports “football” when most of the playing time involves the players carrying the ball with their hands. I could only agree that it was a good question. Anyone know?

      • drjay says:

        yes, “american football” in the 19th century was much more like rugby than it is now and the kicking game was much more important in the original game…

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          The kicking game is still pretty critically important….Just ask Bobby Bowden.

                • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                  “Let me be a bit clearer – the goal posts were too narrow in those days !”

                  …Not to mention that they were usually too far to the left for FSU’s kickers.

      • Stefan says:

        Playing soccer doesn’t mean I don’t support the Hawks, in fact I do. Except for Joe Johnson. And Josh Smith 50% of the time. And Marvin Williams from draft day forward. And Rick Sund.
        But Jeff Teague can do no wrong.

        I should say I don’t play soccer well. Our team got crushed by “Botswana Meat Commission FC” last night 15-1.

        • Calypso says:

          “Our team got crushed by “Botswana Meat Commission FC” last night 15-1.”

          Yeah, but they had a ringer as sweeper.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Welcome. Sounds like you are the REAL “Last Democrat in Georgia”.

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    Whoo! Another soccer/football/futbol/commieball fan!

    I move for a Euro 2012 Open Thread.

  4. Calypso says:

    Stefan was destined to be a Democrat. Republicans are called Stephen. 😉

    Look forward to your postings.

    • SallyForth says:

      What she said.

      But “…a member of the Democratic Party of Georgia Finance Committee.” ?? Really? LMAO From the looks of the DPG finances, that doesn’t take much of your time.

      • Calypso says:

        Their kitty is so depleted I heard they don’t even have to take off their shoes to do the ciphering.

        Oh, I’m a guy, by the way. I know that because my wife makes me get any bug found in the house as well as take out the garbage.

        • Ed says:

          Calypso–we need some girls at my party, mind dropping by?

          Is UGA Law not good anymore or is that a joke I missed?

          • Stefan says:

            Its not as good. It was a top 25 school when I went there. It think its hovering outside the top 30 now. It is mostly a dig at some readers of PP that graduated in the laughable year of 2008.

          • Calypso says:

            I’ll be the party shortly. And you’re entirely correct, my presence does bring out the ladies. So do my presents, but that’s another story.

            Are we still celebrating your last b-day or have we transitioned into a jump-start on your next? I feel we’re about at the half-way-there mark.

        • SallyForth says:

          Well just damn, Calypso – you sure did choose a girly blog handle. 🙂 Then again, so did I.

          • Calypso says:

            It was the name of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s expeditionary ship. I was a big follower of his back in the day. The name has always stuck with me.

            I once named a dog Calypso. He never came when I called him. I guess because he wasn’t my dog.

            • saltycracker says:

              Hmmm…..Got my NAUI card & followed Cousteau too…as a carribean frequenter the name doesn’t make me think of the seductive nymph but steel drums !

              Did a bit of double checking on wiki and found the handle to be appropriate for PP:

              “Calypso evolved into a way of spreading news around Trinidad. Politicians, journalists and public figures often debated the content of each song, and many islanders considered these songs the most reliable news source. Calypsonians pushed the boundaries of free speech as their lyrics spread news of any topic relevant to island life, including speaking out against political corruption. Eventually British rule enforced censorship and police began to scan these songs for damaging content.”

              It’s five o-clock somewhere.

                • SallyForth says:

                  Double cool. I’m a Cousteau fan myself, enjoy the specials his son does now.

                  I was less imaginative, chose my handle from the verb to “sally forth”, meaning set out in an energetic manner (like my Dad’s fox hounds on a hunt out at Shake Rag when I was a kid). I figured my jumping into these discussions would be sallying forth into the world of blogging!

                  • Calypso says:

                    And all this time I thought you were the comic strip character. 😉

                    Actually, I understood your SallyForth meaning when I first read you here, just was unsure as to whether you stood or sat.

                    • saltycracker says:

                      Shake Rag (aka, Christmas trees & the back way to the lake) – Fox hunts – now there was a tradition gone politically incorrect !

      • Stefan says:

        It’s true. I was going to resign but writing the resignation letter takes more time than actually being on it, so…

  5. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I like how Stefan used the word “socialist” properly in a sentence. Welcome.

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