Is this thing on??

Good morning, sunshine.

My name is Bridget.  You might recognize me as a commenter, and I’m very excited to be a new front page poster.  I enjoy politics, travel, and all things geek or psychology.  It’s always easiest to write lines and lines about yourself, but I’ll keep it brief and hit the some of the highlights that will probably influence my posts:

I …

  • have lived in Cobb County my entire life…even went to college here.  I grew up in Smyrna and have owned a home in Marietta for about nine years.  My interest in both Cobb County politics and the Board of Regents is not haphazard.
  • put myself through school with no debt after I graduated although neither of my parents had a high school education.  It can be done.  I wish 99% of the 99% would take an honest look in the mirror. It’s YOUR responsibility to upgrade yourself.
  • happen to know first hand that green technology can consistently offer a 3yr or less simple payback if designed correctly.  Prior to my current gig, the last twelve years of my career was centered around building automation and energy management.  I like to check in on the PSC.
  • can most closely be defined as a fiscal conservative.
  • served as an officer for the Atlanta YRs, then Cobb YRs, and now sit on a committee for the Cobb GOP.  As the AYR Women Director, my goal was to recruit more young women to the conservative cause – you’re welcome, gentlemen.
  • have a CWP and keep up with 2nd Amendment and human trafficking issues.
  • read a lot, and I’m always looking for good books if you have any recommendations.  My two favorite quotes are “When you know better, you do better.” and “People try to teach what they most need to know.”
  • try not to get overly worked up over things.  Hardly anything is ever a true checkmate; there’s always a next move.

If you’d like to contact me about a post, you can reach me at bridget.cantrell[at] Don’t spam me, or I’ll simply filter you to the Trash.

I’ve learned that being loud isn’t the same as being effective.  With that being said… is this thing on?





  1. saltycracker says:

    So far, so good……welcome to the peach pit….

    pundits….release the hounds…….

      • ted in bed says:

        Thought so. The human trafficing mention threw me. In Georgia, you can carry open and concealed. Hopefully, you knew that.

        Concealed Weapons Licenses are for states where the men are so feminized and emasculated that they’d pee in their pants if they saw man or woman wearing a pistol openly, eg Texas, Florida, and South Carolina.

        If you see a 50ish chubby guy walking around the Powers Ferry area OCing a Glock 19, thats me. My real name is Mike.

        GeorgiaCarry.Org is holding its convention at the Waverly in August. Since you are local, you should check it out. If you haven’t OC’d yet, its a great place to start since you’ll be like everyone else, carrying.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    There’s a lot of very good prep football and basketball played out in Cobb.

  3. Note that the previously named GFL (Georgia Firearms License / CWP) is now the GWL / GWCL (Georgia Weapons Carry License… I guess the C is silent to some people…)


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