Senate Ethics Committee Meeting Today

The Senate Ethics Committee will meet today at 11am.  Though the agenda is not public and the meeting will be closed to the public, it is assumed that the topic will be the ethics complaints filed against Rules Chairman Don Balfour.

For Senators and observers who need a refresher as to what specific parts of Georgia Code Balfour has violated, please check here.  You may also wish to note from that article that Balfour was clearly aware of the requirements to have an audit committee for legislative expense reports at least as early as 2010, but has continued to blow off this requirement and file false claims since that time, a clear self-serving conflict of interest.

For Senators and others that need a good outline of the depth of the issues surrounding the Senator to whom you’ve trusted with more power than any other Senator, you may want to check here for a summary, but I would recommend you do yourself a favor and visit the original souce of Jim Walls at Atlanta Unfiltered and see the long, documented history of abuse of office as well as perhaps some of the most naked arrogance in Georgia Government and open contempt for taxpayers.

And for any Senator that would choose to use Balfour’s recent deathbed conversion to support the proposed gift limits, I would submit that supporters of ethics reform remember acts such as this and this as to where his heart is on the matter.  Regardless, promises of future good conduct do not mitigate past bad behavior.

Senators, You have valid and documented complaints before you. It is past time to do the right thing.

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  1. saltycracker says:

    I doubt they can address those among them that have not paid their taxes/liens/child support/judgements or perimeters for serving on committees while having relative or unresolved legal issues.

    Birds of a feather……..(includes us)

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