Dems Hatred Of McKillip Causes Some To Fundraise For A Republican

It appears that Democrats are lining up behind Republican Regina Quick the challenger to Doug McKillip.

Tom Crawford reports that a recent Atlanta fundraiser’s host committee “included such Democratic lawmakers as Rep. Kathy Ashe (D-Atlanta) and Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur), as well as former Atlanta City Council member Panke Bradley Miller. Bob Smith, a Watkinsville Republican who represented Oconee County for 12 years before stepping down from the Georgia House, was another of the honorary hosts for the event.”

Last month, the Athens Banner-Herald’s Blake Aued, brought the news that several prominent Athens Democrats were backing Quick, as well. Prominent donations came from Athens Mayor Nancy Denson and former state Sen. Doug Haines.

McKillip, as you’ll recall, switched parties in early 2011. He added insult to injury to his former colleagues by getting passed and signed into law HD954, the “fetal pain” bill this year.

As of the last campaign reporting period (3/31/12), Quick had $27,897.57 cash on hand while McKillip had $40,157.43. Campaign reports are due again on June 30th.

It’s no surprise Democrats would support Quick. We can also assume some number of Democrats, perhaps even a large number, will cross over and vote for her in the GOP Primary. However, it’s not often you see so many prominent Democrats publicly support a Republican. Also party switchers have fared well in recent years, just ask Mike Jacobs.

Will this help or hurt McKillip?


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    If vindictive liberals will make phony 911 calls in order to bring a SWAT team down on conservative bloggers just for disagreeing (I can only assume these folks’ ultimate hope is that in the confusion said blogger gets accidentally shot by the police), I guess donating to a Republican out of vengeance against a former Democrat seems kind of tame.

  2. SallyForth says:

    McKillip is representative of lame-brain knuckle heads who spout foolishness and embarrass the folks back home at every chance. If he gets re-elected, it will mean that most of the thinking people in his district slept through the Session and have never actually heard or met him in person. Sad to say, we have too many elections determined by don’t know and don’t care voter apathy.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Sad to say, we have too many elections determined by don’t know and don’t care voter apathy.”

      See Gwinnett County where most local elections are often decided by less than 10% of registered and eligible voters.

      A rate of voter turnout that often gets the public elected officials with a hankering for prison orange-colored jumpsuits.

  3. Mike Jacobs, while annoying, has always mostly been focused on ultra-local constituent concerns, with the occasional anti-DeKalb or anti-prominent Democrat rant thrown in. Do I think he’s an ideal representative for his constituents? No, but out of 180 House members and 56 Senators he’s hardly what I would call one of the worst. Talk about damning with faint praise.

    McKillip, on the other hand, focused more on ideological state and national issues. He styled himself a liberal warrior, even going so far as to call for a tax increase. Then months later, he switches parties and introduces a radical right wing (maybe not for Georgia but certainly for Athens) fetal pain bill and goes on a partisan crusade against Democrats in what is for all practical purposes a non-partisan county.

    While I think most party switches, including Jacobs, are usually driven by cynical and crude power calculations that ultimately don’t work out (even in the case of Jacobs he could be pretty much a leading moderate Democrat in the state, the Jason Carter of the House if you will, instead of a mostly anonymous backbencher for the Republicans) the McKillip switch rises above this and is truly egregious. While I wish a Democrat had qualified to run in what is ultimately still a competitive district (it has to be if that much Athens remains in it), I’m glad they can now crossover and vote against this jerk even if it is for a “real” Republican.

  4. cheapseats says:

    McKillip is all but certainly a goner. Dems in his district have no partisan issue on the July ballot so no reason to bother pulling a D ballot and the hate the Dweeber – especially in Athens where he forced a total change in the makeup of the county commission against the wishes of pretty much everybody. And he did it with proud arrogance because he could.

    Republicans in his new district don’t know him and don’t trust him. He’s not an incumbent in their eyes because they never voted for him. Oconee county Republicans are super PO’d at him for splitting up their county into more districts just so he could try to pick up a few more R voters to try to offset the D voters in Athens.

    He really has no friends other than a handful of single-issue pro-life voters and even a lot of those will see Quick as “just as good”.

    The sleaze is cheese, I think.

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