Discuss T-SPLOST Issues at the Douglas County GOP Meeting

The Douglas County GOP holds its monthly meeting this Saturday, 8:00 am at St. Julian’s Episcopal Church,
5400 Stewarts Mill Rd. in Douglasville. Everyone’s favorite French breakfast cuisine (Chick-fil-a) will be first come, first served.

Ms. Marsi Thrash, of Citizens for Transportation Mobility will be the featured speaker. She will discuss the upcoming July 31 vote on the T-SPLOST, the list of transportation projects and answer questions.

Just for fun, Politifact Georgia rates recent statements by Citizens for Transporation Mobility as mostly Half-True.

And who knows…maybe The Mayor will make an appearance.

Come One, Come All.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I’m uncertain, but I don’t think “mostly Half-True” is a politifact rating.

  2. zedsmith says:

    its mostly “half true”

    Not mentioned are all the “false” ratings that statements from the opposition drew, naturally.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    This one, from a Tea Party T-SPLOST opposition leader was so egregiously false that I gotta recycle it:

    “We already pay a gas tax, a percentage of that goes to MARTA and we’re not even served by MARTA.” Director of the Bartow County Tea Party, Gail Engelhardt

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