12th District GOP Congressional Candidate Forum Set For Monday

Alternate headline: Come and see ME.

The Tombs/Montgomery Republican Party will be hosting a debate with all four Republican Congressional candidates this coming Monday, June 4th, at 7:00pm.  The venue will be the Tattnall Auditorium of the Southeastern Technical College in Vidalia.

Zack Fowler, General Manager of Vidalia Communications, will moderate the debate.

The panel asking the questions will consist of the AJC’s Jim Galloway, local TEA Party leader Jim Anderson, former Georgia College Republicans Chairman Elliott Echols, and myself.

No word yet if State GOP Executive Committee member Lawton Sack will venture over from Statesboro to bring me some of that vegetable soup he’s so proud of that he calls Brunswick Stew.

If you’re in GA-12 and trying to decide on your candidate for July, come see them live and in person Monday.  You can say hello to me at no additional charge.*

Monday. Vidalia. 7PM.  All the cool kids will be there.

Be there.  Be a cool kid.

*autographs, photography require a slight up charge.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    I will be there. However, I am not sure if Charlie wants to consume cold.room temperature Brunswick stew before or after the debate. He needs to take the long route and stop in at Vandy’s Statesboro first. We all know he has nothing better to do.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Re: New M.H. Jackson, Jr. International terminal & AJC article on glitches –
    I used this as an example of poor people movement planning in a TSPLOST discussion.

    I have the occassion over the past week to go between the two terminals & see for myself.

    It was correct that MARTA is not going to the new terminal and that they are using small shuttles to connect to the main terminal for connecting domestic flights, rental cars and MARTA.

    My experience & those of travelers was a bit of confusion and a 15 minute 12 passenger bus ride @ way around the loop road but it was not chaos. Some were connecting to MARTA but while a bit inconvienent, a long MARTA extension cost would never pass any kind of cost/value test.

    My observation was to look at it as two airports with the International terminal greatly relieving the domestic one and best convienent by car. Drive there, park there, pick up & drop off passengers by car.

    The AJC overblew it and the airport is building to be car friendly…..

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