Jeff Chapman to run for the Georgia House?

I’m hearing that former State Sen. Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick) will qualify today for House Distict 167. The only other candidate to qualify in the district as of this moment is John Tuten, an architect from Brunswick.

Chapman, who ran unsuccessfully in the GOP primary for governor in 2010, has worked with the so-called “Peach Tea Party,” an organization masked as a “Tea Party” group that promotes social authoritarianism conservatism.

It’s a rumor at this point, so don’t take it to the bank. Nothing is confirmed until it, you know, actually happens.

[UPDATE] As Buzz notes in the comments, Chapman did indeed qualify for this race.


    • Calypso says:

      We need more politicians like Mr. Chapman to become preachers whereby they can spout their drivel and stay the hell out of governing and law-making.

  1. Calypso says:

    I was ok with Chapman up until the time he threw in with that Fruity Tea Party group. Buzz, you say he just qualified, but I maintain he is anything but qualified.

    I agree with Jason, we don’t need any more religio-nuts trying to cram their sanctimonious morals down our throats through laws.

    • Jason says:

      Just for clarification, I really like Chapman on a personal level. He’s probably one of the nicest, most authentic people I’ve ever met.

      However, I’m not a fan of social conservatives and even more irritated now they’ve tried to infuse their views with the Tea Party movement. And that’s not just with so-cons, but immigration restrictionists, Birthers and groups that take the focus off of economic issues. The advancement of these issues in the Tea Party are among the reasons I got the hell out very early on.

  2. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Fruity Tea Party group, immigration restrictionists? The ones that took congress back from the democrats and wants the sovereign US borders protected? Jason, you should throw in with Obama’s socialist movement and the people putting down a photo ID to vote. .

  3. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    And as far as Chapman and The Tea Party goes ><

    AJC Jim Gallowy

    Instead, Chapman has put out the following statement criticizing the organizers of the FreedomWorks debate:

    Tea party members around the nation are declaring, “We have come to take our government back.”

    But in Georgia, leaders of the Atlanta Tea Party have sold out to establishment politics. Shame on them!

    Atlanta Tea Party leaders refused to include all GOP candidates for governor in their debate Saturday at the Gwinnett Center forum in Duluth, deciding instead to limit who their members could hear from.

    Their reason: “We feel strongly that two of the top four will go to a runoff,” tea party spokeswoman Debbie Dooley said. Well, yes, a runoff is almost a certainty. The participants, not so much.

    The truth is that today’s voters are confused and looking for answers. The real leader in the GOP race for governor is not one of the so-called top-four candidates – three of whom are polling in the teens or well below – but “Undecided Voter”, polling at 40 percent.

    By not allowing all candidates to debate, the Atlanta Tea Party has robbed its members of a chance to hear from a candidate who clearly represents the conservative principles they value. Instead, leaders have driven voters towards establishment candidates with ties to power brokers in the Republican Party.

    Furthermore, three of these four candidates abandoned government posts at one of the most difficult times in Georgia’s history since the Great Depression in order to fund-raise and better their own personal chances to get elected to higher office.

    By contrast, and at the expense of my own campaign, my commitment to serving out my senate term and to staying the course for the people of Georgia has been ignored by tea party leaders, who, by locking me out of Saturday’s debate, have turned their backs on their own principles and members.

    The unprincipled establishment politics that have landed us in the mess we’re in today cannot possibly get us out of it. If the Atlanta Tea Party leaders truly want to take back our government, they cannot practice politics as usual.

  4. Harry says:

    Regardless of your opinions of social conservatives, Jeff Chapman stood up to the monied special interests when they were set to develop Jekyll Island into an exclusive resort that 90% of Georgia taxpayers – who were paying the taxes to develop the island – would no longer be able to afford to visit.

    • Charlie says:

      Yes. He did that, and I’ve praised him for it.

      And then he took that reserve of political capital and goodwill and squandered it on perhaps the worst “campaign” for governor in years. I hesitate to call it a campaign because it seemed to mostly consist of Ludwig Von Beachbum and Bucky on here harassing us for not generating Chapman despite the fact that he wasn’t campaigning outside of extreme NorthEast Georgia.

      Chapman has then doubled down by his attempt to co-opt the TEA Party brand and use his faux TEA Party to attack Republicans who are aligned with the real TEA Party and against his personal agenda. The coup de grace of stupidity on that one was naming INDEPENDENT Rusty Kidd a RINO. Think about the intelligence required to name someone who doesn’t even pretend to be a Republican a “Republican In Name Only”.

      I have absolutely no issues with social conservatives, and still consider myself one. I have a huge problem with social conservatives who are dishonest in who they represent and how they label themselves and others in their quest for personal power.

      Yes, Jeff Chapman did a great job with Jekyll. Since then, not so much.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        Seriously? Worst Campaign for Governor, Charles ? You didn’t watch The Johnson and Oxendine campaign drive off a cliff both loaded with lobby money? What tha hell have you done Charlie? How many patents do you have or companies you brought up out of the dirt and sold to a Fortune 500? Free speech and retorting fools is harassment ?

        • Charlie says:

          Funny you mention patents, yet ignore the fact that Chapman is stealing the TEA Party brand to use for a group attacking many who actually founded and trained the original TEA Party. So much for his understanding/respect for intellectual property rights.

          • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

            Lets go back and fish the “Worst Campaign” hole some more Charles you stated.

            So he ran a worst campaign than Johnson and Blue Light Oxy funded by lobby money ? Please tell us what you think on this and stop slithering away into the shadows like a cock roach.

            You can say “uncle” now and I will do the honorable thing and remove my claws from your throat. But if you want to play political annalist and distributor of smart pill you aint getting away with that statement about worst campaign.

            And the Tea Party aint a party. It is a movement. What specifically did he steal? Based on which ever day it is you liked them, they took congress back from the democrats when the big money republicans you kiss the back side of couldn’t.

            • Charlie says:

              Eric Johnson got within a few votes of being in the runoff. John Oxendine lined up enough early support to be taken far more seriously than his record should have allowed, running first in the polls until weeks before the vote. Neither of that could have happened without some form of actual campaign.

              To contrast that we have Chapman. The only time I saw him as I traveled the state (including a visit to the major GOP event in his home county geared to a statewide audience) was at a GOP debate in North Fulton from which he had been excluded.

              There were several hundred in attendence. He attended with his sons, and sat prominently on the front row. And he sat. And sat.

              The event started very late because then Congressman Deal’s flight from D.C. was late. And Chapman continued to sit, so he could be seen.

              At the time, you and his other minions were in full gripe mode that the press wouldn’t cover him, and that he shouldn’t be excluded.

              He sat just a few feet from the press area. The AJC, AP, myself, and about 6 other metro area news organizations were represented. Did he approach to talk to us? Not a chance.

              More importantly, there were several hundred political activists in the room. Did he approach them in the hour + he had to work the room? No, he sat so he could be seen. He made the point that he was excluded but attended anyway. And missed the opportunity to actually campaign, or to approach the media he expected to carry his message for him since he wasn’t raising money or doing anything else noticable to get his message out.

              So yes, it was among the worst, because almost no one will ever know it even existed.

              Now, as for being a “cockroach” for not answering the question you liked, I’ll note that I’ve been writing here for over 5 years almost every day. I’m hardly known for slithering away from folks who have actually attained office, much less creeps like yourself.

              I understand it has to be rough being one of two lifetime supporters of a man who runs horrible and quixotic campaigns and organizations (see Buzz’s rundown of the great success of Chapman’s fake TEA Party in carrying out their threat to primary actual Republicans), but you’re over the line. It’s been a long time since anyone here has taken you seriously. So for you own good, just please stop.

              • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

                I get what you are saying. The politicians that earn your respect are the ones with the most money given to them from people buying favors. Well look around, they broke the state.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Charlie, love the thoughts on political branding. Seems many people look for the brand, but forget their own ideals when shopping for a candidate. In the south, we should have SweetTea or unSweet Tea Party brands. I’ll pass on the canned, artificially lemon flavored variety.

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