In Other Races…

PSC: Commissioner Chuck Eaton has drawn opposition from Republican Matt Reid and Democrat Stephen Oppenheimer. His colleague Stan Wise has a Republican primary with Pam Davidson.

CD1: Jack Kingston will face the winner of a Lesli Rae Messinger v. Nathan Russo Democratic primary.
CD2: Rick Allen, Ken DeLoach, and John House fight for the right to take on Democrat Sanford Bishop.
CD3: “Chip” Flanegan and Kent Kingsley are challenging Lynn Westmoreland in the GOP Primary.
CD4: Hank Johnson faces primary opposition from Courtney L. Dillard, Sr. and Lincoln Nunnally and will face the winner of the GOP primary contest between Greg Pallen and J. Chris Vaughn.
CD5: Assuming John Lewis defeats Michael Johnson in the primary, he’ll face Republican Howard Stopeck.
CD6: Tom Price will face the winner of the Democratic primary. Jeff Kazanow and Robert Montigel face off in that race.
CD7: Rob Woodall will face David Hancock in the GOP primary and Democrat Steve Reilly in the general election.
CD8: Austin Scott is unopposed.
CD9: Doug Collins, Roger D. Fitzpatrick, and Martha Zoller are fighting for the right to take on Democrat Jody Cooley.
CD10: Paul Broun faces Stephen K. Simpson in the GOP primary.
CD11: Phil Gingrey has primary opposition from William Llop and Michael Opitz. The winner faces Patrick Thompson in November.
CD12: Rick W. Allen, Lee Anderson, Wright McLeod, and Maria Sheffield are running in the Republican primary. John Barrow awaits the winner in the fall.
CD13: David Scott will face S. Malik in the General Election.
CD14: Tom Graves faces Democrat Daniel “Danny” Grant in November.

None of the Supreme Court or Appeals Court Judges up for election this year drew opposition. There are some races for Superior Court Judge around the State which you can see here. District Attorney races are here.


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Howard, just wow. That video is 14 solid minutes of cray-cray

  2. I Miss the 90s says:

    In other words, with the possible exception of John Barrow, all of GA’s congressmen are winning reelection this year and we will have a new Republican member in the 9th.

    GA politics is pretty boring.

  3. chefdavid says:

    I see that DA Buzz Franklin has opposition. It will be interesting to see if there will be voter retaliation over the Tonya Craft trial or if it even comes out in the campaign.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    So what’s the CD3 dynamic? Are the opponents running to the right or the left of Lynn “Ten Commandments” Westmoreland, or to either side?

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