Democrats To Have 4 Ballot Questions During Primary

The Democratic Primary of Georgia announced today the four questions that will appear on their July primary ballots:

1.     Should the Georgia Constitution be amended to allow the state to override locally-elected school boards’ decisions when it comes to the creation of charter schools in your county or city?

2.     Do you support ending the current practice permitting unlimited gifts from lobbyists to state legislators?

3.     Should Georgia adopt an income tax credit for home energy costs to support the economic security of our families?

4.     Should Georgia reduce sales taxes on Made in Georgia products so as to support the growth of small businesses in our state?

Strangely, asking for a clearly defined meaning of “recidivism” is not one of them.  I guess the legal system will have to fix that one.

Anyway, this compares to the five questions Republicans will be asked:

1.  Should Georgia have casino gambling with funds going to education?

2.  Do you support ending the current practice of unlimited gifts from lobbyists to state legislators by imposing a $100 cap on such gifts.

3.  Should active duty military personnel who are under the age of 21 be allowed to obtain a Georgia weapons carry license?

4.  Should citizens who wish to vote in a primary election be required to register by their political party affiliation at least thirty (30) days prior to such primary election?

5.  Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the paramount right to life is vested in each innocent human being from his or her earliest biological beginning without regard to age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency?

Two observations:

The only common element between the two lists is a question about capping gifts to legislators, though the wording isn’t the same.

The Democrats decided against asking a question about legalizing casino gambling.  There apparently is no motivation to lend aid and comfort to a Republican Governor and Republican legislators who are considering evolving their position.  They also appear not to want to assist in giving credence to the biggest potential revenue increase to the HOPE scholarship fund, which would take away one of their biggest current issues with semi-traction.


  1. I Miss the 90s says:

    Dem #3 and GOP #5 will both obtain majorities simply because of the wording used in the measures (GOP #5 would probably pass anyways because we all know that the “small government” talking point is b/s).

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    Dem #4 is a violation of the Commerce Clause – making it Unconstitutional. It sounds like a great idea until states, who import GA products, decide to do the same thing.

      • ChuckEaton says:

        Ever since the New Deal, the Commerce Clause has been bastardized into a justification for the Federal Government to do whatever it pleases – the most recent example being Obamacare. The original purpose of the Clause, was to stop states, that were basically countries unto themselves, from putting tariffs on products from other states. It was to strengthen the new union of states by easing the flow of commerce between them.

  3. Andre says:

    I think the Democrats left a very important question off their primary ballot:

    Should Party funds be used to pay the child support of a convicted criminal?

  4. Calypso says:

    And what in the world does Dem # 3 actually say? I can’t noodle that obfuscation out.

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    Get on message GaGOP! Mitt needs you focusing on the economy. Three of five GOP referenda are so-con matters. No. 4 concerns empowering the GaGOP establishment. They could have covered all the GOP bases by adding something on birth control and gay adoption.

    The Dem referenda aren’t any better. All are lame.

  6. Tom Adams says:

    I guess I’m not worried about the GaGOP not focusing on the economy for Mitt’s sake. Mitt’s going to win this state no matter what happens. And, apparently, I’m not the only one that feels this way. I feel that we’re kind of shortchanged when I hear on the national news about a candidate’s new TV ad. But I’ve never seen the ad, and I never will. Neither candidate feels that there is any need to advertise in Georgia because they both feel the race is already over here. I get upset here in Decatur or at Emory at interesting Democratic bumper stickers that make my blood boil until I realize the race is over here in Georgia. At age 63 I remember when it was the other way around. This way is better than before but it sure takes the fun(and suspense) out of the presidential campaign.

  7. sndeak says:

    Gwinnett Dems will ask an additional 4 questions…

    1. Do you support the idea of limited commercial passenger flights from Gwinnett Airport-Briscoe Field?

    2. Would you support Casino gambling in Gwinnett County?

    3. Do you believe $50,000.00 is a sufficient salary for the Board of Commissioners Chairman to oversee the 800,000+ citizens of Gwinnett County?

    4. Did you know there is a mandated Saturday Voting Day included in the Early Voting for the November General Election on October 27th, 2012 ?

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