Chip Rogers Is A Real Character

…and the character’s Name is Will, apparently.

While much of our focus has been whether or not a primary challenger would ultimately fix the problem that is Senator Don Balfour, perhaps the highest profile primary will be between Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers and Fulton County Chamber executive Brandon Beach.  It appears that Rogers will not only be running against Beach, and implicitly Casey Cagle from whom Rogers stripped much of his power, but against his business past.

David Michaels, a recent Emory Graduate now working under former AJC Editor Jim Walls over at Atlanta Unfiltered, has the results of a 9 month investigative report on Roger’s broadcasting past.  The 9 months has ended within a couple of hours of qualifying for re-election.  While some will cry foul over the timing, Wall’s publication has generally shown that is does exhaustive and thorough work.  It’s not an opinion piece, so the reader is left to determine what the facts as presented mean.

Much of the article details Rogers’ work for John Edens, a man who he has worked with and for through many enterprises.  Edens is most known within Atlanta political circles as the man who assumed ownership of a motel owned by Rogers and Congressman Tom Graves.  Atlanta Unfiltered details quite a bit of Edens’ checkered business past.  Readers, and more importantly voters, will have to decide for themselves if there is true guilt by association.

The most intriguing part of the article is the characterization that Chip Rogers work for Edens was mostly to do voice over work as a “Character” named “Will Rogers”, and is thus not responsible for the claims and advice given by the character.  Chip’s legal name is William Rogers IV.

Is the timing of the article fair?  Is the association of Rogers to the lengthy list of Edens’ business indiscretions fair?

As my Dad would say, “Nothing in this world is fair.”  This is campaign season.  Voters individually will decide what is fair.

Until then, read the article in its entirety and decide for yourself.

UPDATED: Dale Russell of Fox5 Atlanta is tweeting that Senator Rogers will discuss the article in an interview at 6pm.


  1. foray1 says:

    It’s obvious Chip has led a double life for a long time. Here is a guy that is holier than though but is involved with gambling.

    He proclaims himself as an above board guy yet he hangs around with felons like Edens.

    I guess it’s time to ask “Will the real Chip Rogers please stand up.”

  2. AMB says:

    Sounds like he associates with some very unsavory characters. And people involved with gambling.

  3. Scott65 says:

    I’ve never been a fan of this guy. Its always been my opinion that he was not what he appeared

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      You never thought that he was as sleezy as he appeared to be?

      …Like many (but not necessarily all) other legislators in key positions in the Georgia General Assembly and politicians in general in Georgia (I’m NOT talking about you, Buzz).

      Though, I will interject that no one can necessarily only single out Chip Rogers alone for questionable dealings as Rogers is just pretty much playing his position like every other politician in the dirty and crooked unethical game that is Georgia Politics, even though being a high-profile legislative leader means being rightfully subjected to a higher level of public scrutiny because of the high-visibility of the position.

  4. xdog says:

    Co-skeeve Tom Graves has moved on to become most honored young goper congressperson, yet Rogers still slogs at the state level. Now he faces a primary challenge, plus that mean ex-journalist guy hates him.

    It ain’t fair, I tell you.

  5. We Republicans rarely stick up for one of our own so I imagine Chip’s “friends” will run for the tall grass in the hopes he’ll go down so they can climb the ladder. Then when and if this is found to be a whole lot of nothing they’ll tell him they were with him all the time. Politics really sucks sometimes.

    I’ll stick with Chip. He’s’ always been straight and honest with me.

    • JohnnyDee says:

      Buzz, I am surprised and disappointed that you would come to the defense of this obvious scam artist.

    • Will Winners says:

      Which Chip has been honest with you? The Senator, the sports Tout or one of the many other hidden personalities he hides from the public?

      According to this statement on Atlanta Unfiltered Chip may be a guest of a federal suite behind bars. Between the video’s and Rogers admission this might be a quick case for the FBI

      Fagan said advertising or promoting an illegal gambling operation is also a federal crime. “If you aid, abet, counsel, command, induce or procure an illegal act,” he said, “you are as guilty as the person who commits the crime.”

  6. foray1 says:

    Buzz- how many times does Chip have to lie, defraud and scheme before you think he is unfit or office?

    Do you have any business associates like Edens? I don’t think so.

    That association alone should cause him to resign.

  7. NorthGAGOP says:

    The good news for Chip is that the story broke the Friday before a three day weekend.

    • Will Winners says:

      That won’t help him, it’s going viral by email, facebook and twitter. The teachers finally have something to smile about and they are sharing this story with their friends.

  8. JohnnyDee says:

    I was surprised and disappointed that the Republicans did not dump Chip Rogers when he was caught scamming the FDIC for $2.2 million of our tax dollars. His explanation that he was a professional sportscaster is ludicrous. Professional sportscasters do peddle sports betting advice through 1-900 numbers (“80% win guarantee”) or get themselves banned from NCAA. He is a scam artist from way back, ripping off sports gamblers just like he ripped off Bartow Bank and the FDIC.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    It’ll be ok. Ralph Reed will raise him some money from some of his Indian casino friends

    • Will Winners says:

      Who care if the reporters are republican or democrat, it’s their job to expose the truth on our elected officials. The voters have a right to know who they are voting for and if they decide they want to believe the nonsense Rogers is spewing then they deserve everything they get.

      The majority of people see Rogers for what he really is and had we been offered a choice before this election he would have been long gone. We didn’t need to read this story to know that Chip Rogers is bad news we live in his path of destruction especially to our schools. I will say that we are grateful to these reporters for exposing him and giving us a reason to celebrate for a little pay back to the senator.

  10. CCFRG says:

    It’s time that the Governor , his colleagues and other endorsers call for Chip to at least step down as Majority Leader.

    No matter how long ago this was it is clear Chip to this day surrounds himself with unsavory people that should in no way be close to the leadership of our state.

    We need legislators and leadership that have firm convictions and principles not “actors” who will say anything or vote anyway for a buck.

    Chip is now acting for the Asian American Hotel Owners Associaton- look at their YouTube page- je makes a whole lot of statements that contradict his actions on GA

  11. sunkawakan says:

    Rogers will be gone if the full video is ever released. Rogers was “playing a part”? I don’t think so.

  12. saltycracker says:

    I approve of a large percentage of Sen Rogers conservative positions.
    He does not behave that way when he says he does not represent things said in his name – Will Rogers – or signs personal guarantees then says they should not have loaned Graves and him the money.

    Most folks are conflicted to hold our nose and stay loyal. He may be innocent but his own actions do not pass the red face test.

    What’s his latest side to both stories? I want to
    believe him but so far, I’m still blushing for him,

  13. Tommy_a2b says:

    I have been telling this story for years but no one seemed to care. I’m glad this has finally come out. Where there is smoke there is fire. He is not the Mr Goody Goody he seems. Ask his family!

  14. Dave Bearse says:

    The story’s release reflects good timing. Hoist the loyalist/mouthpiece flag on any that complain it’s release is political. Beach had already thrown his hat in, presumably with no communication with Walls about the matter. The story’s release on or about the last day of qualifyfing preventing others from jumping in is arguably favorable for Rogers, who now has two months and likely a warchest available to respond.

    To those complaining about the timing, when should’ve the story been published? Last year so that it would be old news now? We’re talking about an electorate after all that had already forgotten about Roger’s disreputable and unethical dumping of a bank loan that contributed to a local bank failure that cost the FDIC millions.

    Or after the primary, when there’d be even more time for it to age and be disposed of before Rogers faced voters again?

  15. ted in bed says:

    I don’t see a crime here or even a scandal.

    If being a tout or talking head is criminal, then every joker on ESPN, MSNBC, and CNBC should be immediately shipped to Gitmo.

    If having friends who have odd business practices is wrong, then I need a one way flight to Gitmo myself since I at one point reported to Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom fame.

  16. When Tom Graves and Chip Rogers bought the Oglethorpe Inn I lived there. Tom Graves brother Richard Graves ran the place. Then they got rid of Tom’s brother and brought John Edens up here. John is one of those type of men that really fears nothing, it is what it is. Upon arrival John shook the place up pretty good. He cleaned house of the bad employees and drug using tenants. One by one he fixed up each room. New Carpet, new furniture, new air conditioners. He helped people get their unemployment benefits and their food stamps if they qualified. Many people that live in our area are uneducated on computers. John took his own personal time to teach us how to do many things. He helped us make resumes for jobs, he helped us write letters for benefits we neeeded. I totally see why Chip Rogers turned to John Edens to turn the hotel around. The man did an incredible job at the Oglethorpe Inn. When the hotel closed in early 2011 it waas due to the generosity of John Edens. There were 52 rentable rooms at the hotel. All 52 were always full. Not all 52 always were able to pay rent every week. The rent was only $129 a week. Several Calhoun churches would just drop off families for John to take care of himself. John turned no one away. John bought Christmas presents for all the children. When the hotel closed because he couldn’t pay the power bill charities like churches, Tallatoona and the Salvation Army owed rent of about $50,000.They used to fax him promises to pay rent. I have no idea what John did before he came to Calhoun, but we sure miss him up here. The articles about Chip Rogers and Tom Graves on the news and in the paper make him look bad when they really shouldn’t. I have never seen a man work as hard as he did at the hotel trying to clean up someone else’s mess. The last day the hotel was open he was trying to sell everything he owned so that he would not embarass Senator Rogers. I was in the office when North GA EMC came in to cut off the power. Many people don’t know that power bill wasn’t even in John’s name. The power bill was in Tom Graves’ name. Graves dumped a 2 million dollar disaster in the man’s lap and couldn’t even help with the power bill. Before anyone passes judgment on John Edens come to Calhoun and ask around you will see that many people really appreciated what he did for us. I thank Chip Rogers for bringing him here.

  17. One more thing, when Jeremy Redmon of the AJC and Lori Geary of Channel 2 News came to Calhoun to report on Rogers and Graves flea bag hotel we told them that it was all we had and it was what we called home. $129 a week does not get much but it got us a roof over our heads and a clean place for our kids to sleep. Nobody and I mean no on has ever helped Calhoun the way John Edens did and we thank Chip Rogers for bringing him here. If the Oglethorpe Inn was still open it would still be my home. Thank You.

    • saltycracker says:

      Good deeds are not points toward forgiving personal guarantees unless the lender awards them.

  18. sunkawakan says:

    Put Edens aside. Rogers has proven that he has made a choice to profit off the low-income and downtrodden (i.e. his motel, apartments), and from vice (gambling). He’s also shown he’s unwilling to accept personal responsibility for anything he’s done.

  19. greencracker says:

    Is the timing of the article “fair?”

    Probably not. It’s probably a vast conspiracy where the liberal elite media set up the end of the school year to coincide with primary season.


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