Qualifying: Day 2

It’s the middle day of the 2012 Qualifying period. Will the incumbents who haven’t qualified yet show up? Will the rumored challengers make it to the Capitol in time? Will anyone run for House District 177? These any other questions may be answered today….or perhaps tomorrow.

Important Links:

SoS Qualifying webpage.
Buzz’s list of House and Senate incumbents and challengers.


Lunchtime Update

My friend Jimmy Pruitt has picked up primary opposition in HD149 from John Clements.
Local Tea Party Activist Steve Ramey has qualified to run against Sen. Don Balfour.
Still no word from either Rep. Elena Parent or Rep. Scott Holcomb in HD81.

By my rough count there are 10 GOP incumbents and 10 11 Dem. incumbents facing primary challenges in the House. In the Senate the numbers are 4 GOP and 5 Dem. incumbents with primary challengers.

Evening Update

There are still only two candidates in House district 81, neither of whom are the incumbents. Carla Roberts and Chris Boedeker have qualified as Republicans. Boedeker sent us a press release:

Boedeker intends to focus his campaign on restoring the free-market principles of limited government and individual responsibility to Georgia’s state government. “Having grown up in Georgia and being active in my community, I have watched over the years as our state representatives have used public office to pursue their own self-interest. What we need now is a servant-leader guided by conservative principles,” said Boedeker. “As a husband, father and citizen, I feel a deep obligation and understand the stakes involved in serving as a conservative voice for our district.”

The two incumbents in HD81, Elena Parent and Scott Holcomb, have a press conference scheduled for Friday at noon in room 216 of the Capitol. They will announce which of them, or perhaps both of them, will run for reelection.

We also received a press release from Mike Smith, who qualified today in House District 69. Smith sent us a press release as well.

First Open Atheist Candidate for GA Legislature Would Legalize Marijuana

LaGrange, GA – May 24, 2012 – In what may be a first for the Georgia General Assembly, outspoken atheist and LaGrange attorney Mike Smith has qualified as a Democratic candidate for Georgia House District 69.

“I pledge to bring a rational voice to the Georgia legislature,” said Smith, 62, who launched his online campaign this week at www.ElectMikeSmith.com.

If elected, Smith said, he will propose legislation to outlaw all lobbyist gifts to Georgia legislators, legalize marijuana, and “make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.”

“Every year, lobbyists give millions of dollars in gifts to our representatives to control our laws,” Smith said. “Our laws should not be written by lobbying groups like ALEC. Our laws should reflect the democratic values of Georgians, and our legislation should be produced only for our people and only by our representatives. Georgians deserve better, and now is the time to stop legalized bribery in the Georgia legislature.

Smith considered signing the Common Cause pledge to cap lobbyist gifts at $100, but he refused, saying, “A little bribery is still bribery.”


  1. Charlie says:

    Interesting. My cursory review of the Senate shows more Democrats receiving primary challengers than Republicans.

    Dems, what’s up with that?

    • For all the wailing that the GOP has moved too far to the right, the Democrats have moved much farther to the left. Where are the Blue Dog Democrats these days? It’s not all because they lost to Republicans.

      Perhaps a similar thing is happening on the State level? The Left want’s the State Democratic Party to lurch leftward.

  2. Someone by the name of Benjamin Brooks qualified for the primary ballot today, running for the Georgia State Senate, district 35 as a Republican.
    In the Alabama State Senate, representing the 35th district is Republican Ben Brooks.
    Coincidence or correlation?
    You decide.

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