Hunter Bicknell Withdraws From GA-9 Race; To Run For Re-Election Instead

Courtesy of Josh Morris, we have confirmation of something I heard as “rumor” last night.  Hunter Bicknell will withdraw from the race for the 9th Congressional District and instead run for re-election as Chairman of the Jackson County Commission.

The cited article mentions totally unfounded rumors that Bicknell would withdraw, which is odd, given that he has.

Bicknell was cast as the greatest threat/potential spoiler to a race that is largely assumed to be between State Rep Doug Collins and Radio Host Martha Zoller.  Roger Fitzpatrick of Cleveland Georgia has also qualified for the race, and is currently the only “non Hall County” candidate in the race.  At least one other candidate is expected to qualify.  The race will largely focus on the Collins – Zoller match up barring any other surprises.

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  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Now THIS is big news from the 9th. Hunter pulling out significantly reduces the chance of a runoff.

    Fitzpatrick is boring, can’t raise money, and doesn’t really have a professional campaign or any real grassroots support. He has little to no chance and I don’t expect him to pick up more than a 1-4% of the vote.

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