In The Flurry Of Qualifying, Doug Collins Picks Up An Endorsement

Jim Galloway notes from that 9th congressional district candidate Doug Collins picked up a big endorsement today:  Georgia House Speaker David Ralston.  The Speaker’s backing isn’t surprising since the Speaker and Collins became friends while serving in the state house together:

Also remember that Ralston is somewhat indebted to Collins. Even though he was stationed in Iraq as a military chaplain at the time, Collins was one of the few House Republicans to stick his neck out for Ralston when the Blue Ridge lawmaker mounted a disastrous challenge to then Speaker Glenn Richardson.


The speaker said he usually does not get involved in other people’s races besides his own, adding that he has made very few exceptions over the years. However, he feels the Ninth District race is one of the most important races in this election cycle and that he believes in Collins.

“It’s going to take more than someone just talking about something up there…Doug has experience. He knows how to pass legislation; he knows how to get things done,”

Ralston explained. The speaker also said Collins has values and courage. Ralston and Collins served in the State House of Representatives for years, he said, where the two became friends. He asserted Collins is exactly the kind of person he wants representing him in Congress.

“I’m telling you, not how to vote,”

Ralston reiterated,

“but just to tell you that I’m going to vote and do everything I can do to elect Doug Collins to Congress.”


  1. bullFrog says:

    Would not have expected anything else – the boys club is being summoned to protect one of their own from one who is most representative of what was started in 2010 – the taking back of our nation from entrenched, inbred politicians who feel entitled to their place in government.

  2. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    This is hardly news, considering Ralston fundraised for Doug months ago and was already supporting him. I think PP even published that events invitation. Team Collins just wanted this “offical endorsement” to get some free press.Nathan, I hate to say it, but to took the bait, buddy.

    Also, I expect Ryan, Marthas CM, to do a press release saying something to the effect of Collins is an insider and the establishment candidate so this is no surprise

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