Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 22nd

Here in Georgia…
– A new poll shows that the T-SPLOST referendum is in trouble with 42% supporting it, but 45% opposing the penny tax. Residents outside Fulton and DeKalb oppose it, 33/54.
– Taxpayers in Gwinnett cities want money back for being double-taxed by the county.
– John Heneghan has video of a presentation to elected officials and city clerks on Georgia’s new open records law.
– Rep. Paul Broun says that banks in Georgia are being targeted by the Feds, even when they have a healthy balance sheet.
– Taxpayers in Newton County can rest easy as the Board of Commissioner agreed to a budget without a tax hike.
– There is a gas price war in Stockbridge.
– Georgia Watch says House Speaker David Ralston is out of touch on ethics reform.
– DeKalb County schools are facing a $70 million deficit.
– Forbes explains why Georgia’s immigration law is a failure.
– My friend, James Richardson, has launched a new blog, Georgia Tipsheet.

National stories of interest…
– Buzz Feed has a list of words Mitt Romney shouldn’t use.
– A congressional candidate from California promises to light up on the steps of the Capitol if he wins.
– Catholic organizations have filed suit against the Obama Administration over the contraceptive mandate.
– Penn Jillette calls out President Obama for his hypocrisy on the war on drugs. **language warning**
– Peter Suderman dives in to another a botched ObamaCare cost estimate.
– Sen. Chuck Schumer’s new proposal targeting Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is reminiscent of a Nazi law.
– The Massachusetts Senate race is the most expensive in the nation.
– There is another problem with NDAA — it legalizes use of propaganda on Americans.
– Obama says that Romney’s time at Bain Capital will be a prominent part of his campaign.
– Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels really doesn’t want to be on the GOP ticket.

A few that I like…
Reds: 4, Braves: 1
– Mark Zuckerberg lost $2 billion yesterday.
– A man survived a plunge down Niagara Falls.
– Here’s a look behind rock star stage names.


  1. Calypso says:

    “- Georgia Watch says House Speaker David Ralston is out of touch on ethics reform.”

    That is putting the way this twit acts both mildly and euphemistically. Twit.

  2. saltycracker says:

    The Professor writing the Forbes article on the unintended consequences of HB87 concludes states should reconsider. Nowhere does he suggest the Feds overhaul the work visa program to accomodate migrant worker immigrants. Would he prefer we continue to exploit this “invisible” group or get them protected by law, trackable and taxable ?

  3. saltycracker says:

    Obama attacks Romney for thinking that his skills as a successful businessman have no place in government. Obama says the President’s role is to see that everyone has a fair chance.

    A fair chance would be government not picking the winners and loosers and keeping doors copmpetitively open. When will the Democrats declare individualism and the privilege to fail or succeed patently wrong.

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