A Note From Doug Grammer

This is a note from frequent Peach Pundit commenter, Republican Party stalwart, and friend Doug Grammer:

It is 8:30 AM on Monday May 21, 2012 when I start to write this. This maybe my last post for 2 months, 4 years, or forever. I’ve been posting on here for about four years, ever since a rumor popped up that I might run for PSC. I’ve had plenty of posts on here for several reasons. I love to debate. On some level, I wanted to be the GOP version of Howard Stern, so people would just come here to see what I will say next. (After being told someone was blasting me because they were worried about their child, I said (paraphrased): look at your child before you call me a name and see if it improves his life.) I’ve tried to be informative and give perspective from a current and former GOP EC member. I have admittedly tried to be an advocate for the GOP and against others who, IMO, had agendas that run contrary to the GOP. Sometimes I have been silly and on others I have defended friends and ideas that I care about. I’ve enjoyed my time here, but I hope I won’t be back. My comments after the state GOP convention and this message are my last for now.

Shortly after 9 AM, I will go to my county voter registrar and fill out paperwork to solicit and receive contributions to run for Walker County Probate Judge. I’m going to try to be an advocate for the citizens of my county so they can get the best government possible. If you think I’ve been a great leader in the GOP and you want to help my campaign, after it is set up, I’ll make sure you can send money. If you really dislike what I’ve had to say here, you can send money because I won’t post if I am elected. I’m going to ask for your prayers because I need them. If you want to help in other ways than sending money, there will be opportunities for that. If you live in Walker, I hope I earn your vote. If you know people in Walker and like me, I hope you tell them about me.

I have waited until after the GOP convention to officially launch my campaign. Judicial candidates can’t serve as delegates or alternates to a political party convention. I know I did some good for the GOP there in regards to Clarke, the 13th, and a lot of little things that aren’t worth posting about. Now it’s time for me to focus on making my county the best that it can be.

I am asking my County GOP Chairman to post this for me after 11 AM so there is no chance that I haven’t filed before campaigning has occurred. By now, you all should know I am a stickler for following the rules, fair, and I don’t decide guilt before hearing most of the facts. We need some common sense in the courtroom and a consistent conservative to keep it going the right way.

Thank you, good luck, and God bless all of you.

– Doug Grammer


      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        Her name is Christie Johnson Anderson, she seems like a pretty good, and experienced,probate judge from what I can see. I donated to her myself.

  1. BJ Van Gundy says:

    Good Luck Doug.

    Thanks for waiting until after the convention. You were an asset on the Credentials Committee.



  2. saltycracker says:

    Good luck.

    My advice is don’t even joke about wanting to attract attention like Howard Stern……the only place he’d use Roberts RofO is in the outhouse and then give us a graphic description.

  3. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I’ve been reading Grammers views on here for some time, and a GOP activist as far on the wacko wing if the party is the LAST person I would ever want as a judge. And even if he wasn’t a checklist repub party hardliner, he has very limited experience in the field and is running against a well liked opponent who’s been a judge and a law clerk for years.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Well, it is only a probate judge. He’d spend most of his time handing out concealed carry permits, probably.

      Or maybe he’ll rule with an iron fist and won’t. Who knows?

  4. oompaloompa says:

    Are you absolutely sure the convention is in fact over? I though some Tea Party v. Ron Paul peeps were still arguing?????

    Anyway, nice job. Do it!

  5. Jimmie says:

    While I disagreed with you more than not, I always appreciated your candor and bluntness. Tell it like it is (in your mind of course) type of person.
    Good luck in your endeavors.

  6. racinwithrex says:

    Maybe your buddie Mullis can help cover for you and re-pay all the times you have covered for him!!!! lol..lol..lol.. J/K….. Best wishes Doug from over here on this side of the Mnt. because I know what local politics can do to folks!

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