Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Dips Below 9 Percent

The Georgia Department of Labor announced that the unemployment rate in Georgia has fallen to 8.9%.  The unemployment is the lowest it has been in the past three years.  From NewsChannel9:

The rate declined as the number of new jobs grew by 31,900, to 3,926,000, the highest number of jobs in Georgia since January of 2009. Job growth is up eight-tenths of a percentage point, from 3,894,100 in March. In April a year ago, there were 3,904,400 jobs.

The industries showing growth were: trade and transportation, 9,200; leisure and hospitality, 9,200; professional and business services, 5,900; construction, 3,400; and education and healthcare, 2,700. While the state gained jobs overall, state and local governments shed 3,300 jobs.



    • peachstealth says:

      Exactly. With a good Republican capitalist president we would have been here a year ago.

      • benevolus says:

        Do you guys still believe in trickle down? Because if stimulatin’ the big banks and big corps and the millionaires ain’t already workin’, I’d hate to think of how much more of it we would be doing.

  1. Doug Grammer says:

    And what was the rate of population growth? Not quite so many jobs as we thought.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Unfortunately, methinks this has much to do with people giving up looking for a job, as opposed to actually finding work, despite the job gains we’ve made…

  3. John Konop says:

    In my opinion the key driver is the selling off a property by banks commercially and consumer based at LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW prices. And the lowering of payments on both sides which is creating more consumption. This will work short term until people leverage back-up and we hit another cycle. And I do think cycles will get quicker and harder the more we repeat the bubble game.

    Neither party is focused on fixing the real issue production. The concept of us being a servicing based economy with third world working conditions and pay making our products overseas while we just finish and consume is fool’s gold for most.

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