Russell Edwards Resigns as DPG Treasurer

Russell Edwards announced his resignation as DPG Treasurer effective as soon as a replacement is named. He said he will focus on his nascent law practice and the Obama campaign.

The key quote from his email:

As the Treasurer, I tried to the best of my ability to ensure a more transparent financial environment.  Despite many difficulties that I encountered, I gathered and reported the information that was supplied to me or that I otherwise found.  I responded candidly to every inquiry by Committee members.  As a matter of fundamental fairness and good policy, I used my position on the Committee to strenuously advocate for immigrant rights and built bridges to the Latino and Asian communities*.
While I plan to maintain my position until my replacement is named to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, I would deeply appreciate an expedited selection process.
If you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, its because his report in February brought the plight of the DPG to the MSM/Blogging universe’s attention


  1. Andre says:

    Will the last Democrat in Georgia please turn off the lights?

    Also, before you leave, please help clean up by stacking chairs, putting up tables, and picking up any trash left around the room.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Dear Russell, your replacement won’t be “named” they’re supposed to be elected by the State committee. Given that it’s a rather busy election year, you might have thought a minute about that before resigning. No one has any time to look for an replacement-apparently not even you.

    Given the lack of visibility with Mr. Edwards, I can’t for the life of me figure why resigning was necessary.

    I guess this will be another position voted on in August, along with the DNC members.

    “Disarray”, doesn’t begin to cover it.

    • Andre says:

      But according to one leftist blogger, the Democratic Party in Georgia is not in disarray.

      According to one leftist blogger, the Democrats in Georgia are simply doing some renovations; the work is in progress; and we’ll all see the results in November.

  3. GAPolitico says:

    Some say that the Democratic Party of Georgia is in disarray. This is not the case. We are simply doing some renovations and the work is in progress. You will see the results in November.

  4. SallyForth says:

    I guess this means the DPG didn’t make any money with the recent Jefferson-Jackson dinner, weren’t able to stop the hemorrhaging? Pitiful to see how far this party has fallen. To think that only eight years ago they had total control of the GA legislature and all but a couple of the statewide Constitutional offices. Now they have no control of anything – including their own finances. Pitiful.

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