Morning Reads: Friday 5/11/12 Edition

In Georgia:

The Perspicacious Conservative has some back story on the primary challenge of Chip Rogers by Brandon Beach.  She’s looking at you John Albers.

The 1% ers at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are backing John Barrow in his re-election bid.

Fulton County Schools becomes the largest Charter School System in the state.

Kasim Reed doesn’t appear ready to evolve on gay marriage.

Gwinnett County doesn’t believe you need more than one shade of Grey.

Kyle Wingfield wonders if taxpayers are about to buy a new stadium at the peak of the NFL’s earning power.  Anyone else here buy a state of the art mcmansion in 2007?  How’s that working out for you?

Across The Nation:

Speaking of 2007 all over again, JPMorgan Chase lost $2 Billion this quarter on their trading desks.  CEO Jamie Diamon responds “I got your ‘too big to fail’ right here.”

Courtesy of your bailout money, subprime bonds have value again.

Inflation is a problem.  In China.  Here, not so much.

And For Randomness:

Those Fisker Karma’s that taxpayers subsidized so a few Americans can buy $100K electric cars made in Europe?  They’re not selling so well, but those that are are HOT.

Our friends at Creative Loafing give you 5 things to do today just in case you just now realized it’s Friday and you didn’t plan for crap this weekend. **shakes head, looks in mirror**


  1. saltycracker says:


    Looking forward to a post on the too bigs that get money on the cheap, waiting for a Fed deal to reduce non performing assets and take big leveraged risks in hedge funds – all govt backed gambling that winnings are paid out in bonuses vs cleaning the books up.

    • saltycracker says:

      And while you are at it take a look at how they play in volatile markets with cheap $$$$$:

      Gary Shilling in expressing his concerns for Europe points out that the threat to the U.S. isn’t so much through trade with Europe (only 2% of U.S. GDP) but through financial conduits. American banks have 25% of their total foreign exposure in the Euro zone.

      5 of the too big to fails are well leveraged. Guess they can take cheap Fed money and take some big gambles in Europe, beats using it at home.

  2. saltycracker says:

    more tidbits:

    Apple is the #1 market value company in the world.
    Apple has $100 billion in cash.
    $64 billion of it is overseas taxed at 5%.
    They can bring it home and pay 35% tax or not.
    They are going to invest it overseas, primarily capital expenditures in Asia.

    (Forbes – May 7)

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